Dulwich OnView Phoneblog #1

Yang-May Ooi reports by phone on how the Dulwich Onview magazine came about. She also introduces the team of volunteers behind the magazine and invites you to the late night opening at Dulwich Picture Gallery on Thursday 17 Jan from 6.30-10pm.

Click on the link here to listen to the phoneblog:

Gabcast! Dulwich OnView Phoneblog #1

Yang-May adds: PS. There is an error in my report – the article on emerging artis Alice White is in fact by Sally Ann Johnson. Angela Corrias wrote the feature on Posy Simmons. Sorry about that – I was doing the report from memory!

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Yang-May Ooi

About Yang-May Ooi

Yang-May Ooi is a bestselling author and storyteller based in Dulwich. She is also the creator and founding strategist of Dulwich OnView. Her new blog, StoryGuru.co.uk, documents her ongoing creative inquiry into “What makes a rich and fulfilling life?” through stories, interviews, and essays. She is currently working on her fourth book “Rebel Heart: How to Discover your Courage and Create a Meaningful, Authentic Life”.

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  1. sensual 2 Apr 2013

    That sequel was just wonderful well worth waiting for! I bought a couple of reels of tape some while back but have never got round to using them. Now I think I just might.


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