Nature in Pieces in Northcross Road

Nature in Pieces is the first of its kind – a collaboration of 10 mosaic artists from South London, expressing their views of nature through the unique medium of mosaics. Concetta Perot, one of the artists, explains what mosaic means to her.

Concetta Perot's New Owl

Concetta Perot's New Owl

I first discovered mosaics 8 years ago and I quickly fell under its spell. Mosaic is an art form like no other and a visit to a mosaic exhibition will, I promise, leave you enthralled.

What captured me is the amazing way that a mosaic changes as you walk towards it and past it – the reflection of the materials catching the light and drawing you into its gaze and touch. Modern mosaics are made with a huge variety of materials (quite different to the standard idea of Roman mosaics made of stone) and these range from vibrant and iridised stained glass, to gold-veined vitreous tiles and and vibrant ceramic tiles, mirror, pebble, slate, stone, minerals and recycled objects (including halogen light bulbs in one of my pieces!).


Concetta Perot's Loving You

Over the years, I have been to many mosaic exhibitions and have been astounded at how much variety and interpretation is possible from sticking tiles to wood! I also love the life lessons that can be drawn from mosaics, especially the fact that something ‘broken’ and usally discarded can be put together to be make an object of beauty.

My artwork can be seen at .

I and other participants at the Nature in Pieces exhibition, seen at are available for a wide range of commissions & community projects.

Nature in Pieces runs from 5 – 27th September at the Jeannie Avent Gallery, North Cross Road, East Dulwich.

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  1. Mike Colvin 17 Sep 2009

    One could be forgiven for thinking that this is a one woman show. There are in fact 10 local artists involved, including the multi-taleneted Jane Higginbottom

    Also two linked guided walks on 26 & 27th September to see various public mosaics in situ, including some by the ehibiting artists. More at

    Both the exhibition and the walks are well worth a visit.

  2. Anna S 17 Sep 2009

    I think the introduction: ‘a collaboration of 10 mosaic artists…’ makes it pretty clear this is a group show. DOV asked the gallery for a personal piece by one of the artists, and were delighted that Concetta obliged. Good luck to all the artists involved for a very successful show.

  3. Mike Colvin 17 Sep 2009

    Anna, indeed it does, but the rest of the article lacked balance IMHO. I for one would have appreciated examples showing the huge variety of work on show rather than appearing to be a puff for a single artist.

  4. Went to have a look at this show, as I know one of the artists, Anne Holdway.

    Very impressed by the variety of work on show. It is a good idea to have a small group exhibition as it spreads the cost. They seem to have sold a good few works, which shows that the general public likes them.+


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