DOV Wins International Award

Dulwich OnView has won a major international award.

At the Museums and the Web conference in Denver, Colorado, we were nominated for the Best of the Web Competition along with websites from all over the world. There were 15 international judges who looked at the nominated sites in detail. There were 11 categories. We won the Best Small Site. Here are the winners – we are up with the big boys!

Every winner was evaluated. Some quotes from the evaluation of Dulwich OnView – ‘Rich and engaging content’ ‘A powerful model…which engages the community, in essence, driving them to your institution’ ‘……drives passion for Dulwich Picture Gallery’ ‘All these wonderful folks from Dulwich actually contribute the content’ ‘Cool, clever…. really nice work’. See the video at the bottom of the home page.

Jonathan Bowen & Ingrid Beazley at the DOV demo

Alison Liu and Ingrid explaining DOV

Peter Samis SFMOMA

What is Museums and the Web? The official description:

Museums and the Web is an annual conference exploring the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line. Taking an international perspective, MW reviews and analyzes the issues and impacts of networked cultural, natural and scientific heritage.

It is the biggest Museums conference of its kind in the world, attracting up to 600 professionals from 25 countries.

DOV also contributed to the conference – a demonstration – and a paper.  Thank you Prof. Jonathan Bowen and Alison Liu for co-authoring the paper, and helping out with the demo. It was Jonathan who nominated DOV for the Best of the Web competition.

DOV, created and run by a fantastic team of Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery is now internationally recognised. Congratulations to everyone who put in so much work to support their beloved Dulwich Picture Gallery!

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About Ingrid

Co-Editor and ex-Chair of the Friends Committee. I’m a teacher. I’ve worked in the education department of Dulwich Picture Gallery for 14 years, guiding, lecturing and teaching anyone from 7 years old to degree level. I have run a number of education projects (in a remand home, a prison, a local primary school) and am now the e-learning project developer. I commission articles rather than write them and am mainly in charge of the Gallery related articles.
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  1. Shapa Begum 18 Apr 2010

    Congratulations to DOV! Thank you for the lovely article Ingrid.

  2. That is great news! Well done everyone.

  3. Brilliant news Ingrid and great recognition for everyone that’s helped make DOV such a fantastic community web site.

  4. Kathleen Bice 19 Apr 2010

    That is lovely to hear. Congratulations! The award is well earned and the Gallery is very lucky and thankful to have the support of the DOV team.

  5. Nigel Thorpe 19 Apr 2010

    Well done DoV!! And especially to Ingrid!! I am very proud to be associated with this great idea.

  6. Fantastic news! Great article and photos, Ingrid. Here’s to DOV!

  7. sarah 20 Apr 2010

    Congratulations DOV! Well done and well deserved.

  8. Anna Bonavia 20 Apr 2010

    That’s fantastic! Anna x

  9. Jill Alexander 20 Apr 2010

    The Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery are delighted with the news of this award and I send my congratulations to all the team who run Dulwich OnView so brilliantly.

    Jill Alexander
    Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery

  10. Congratulations to all the DOV team – of course this is thoroughly deserved; the Dulwich OnView phenomenon SHOULD be being recognised internationally. But isn’t it nice when it actually happens? Thanks from a very grateful Director.

  11. Barbara Richardson 20 Apr 2010

    Congratulations to Team DoV. Your commitment and hard work has earned you the prize!

  12. Thank you for all your kind words, everyone, on behalf of the DOV team. Thank you also to the Friends Committee, Ian and his team at DPG and also our regular contributors & readers who have contributed witty and lively blog posts, photos, films and comments – all of which make DOV the lively site that it is. Please keep them pouring in!

  13. James Lupton 20 Apr 2010

    Well done to all of the DOV team, this is quite an accolade. What you are doing with DOV, pushing the application of new technology to increase the awareness and excitement factor of the gallery, is really interesting. Congratulations and thankyou for all you are doing.

    Jame Lupton
    Chairman of Trustees
    Dulwich Picture Gallery

  14. Jane Reid 20 Apr 2010

    Well done Ingrid and the team. You have created something really original – and a world-beater – amazing!


  15. Many congratulations to Ingrid and the rest of the DOV team. I am still stuck in Denver due to the volcanic ash cloud so I am presenting Dulwich OnView at the Colorado Historical Society in central Denver today. They are interested in doing something similar here.

    • Ingrid 20 Apr 2010

      Oh wow, isnt it amazing how things work out?
      I wonder if they have a loyal group of local people willing to volunteer too.

      • They do have a young friends group and a willingness within the Colorado Historical Society so it is possible! They were certainly receptive to the ideas and concept of DOV with a good turn-out for the talk. Many thanks for your slides!

  16. Chris Satterthwaite 21 Apr 2010

    This is a great award to win showing that social media enhances the social value of a wonderful gallery like DPG. Good on you Dulwich OnView team.

  17. Hooray! This is quite a step up – congratulations to you all for nuturing such an impressive acorn! Your enthusiasm and perseverance know no bounds – well done!

  18. Peter Belchamber 21 Apr 2010

    Hi Ingrid and the DOV team

    Warmest congratulations on winning the Best Small Site prize in the Best of the Web competition in Denver.

    It is a spectacular achievement and I hope you are all, whether in Denver or Dulwich, a mile high with excitement.

    For DOV to appear in a list of winners alongside such internationally recognised museums and galleries as MOMA in NYC, the Musee Picasso in Barcelona, the Royal Observatory and the V&A in London is just wonderful.

    Peter Belchamber
    In View
    Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery

  19. David Parry 23 Apr 2010

    D ulwich OnView
    E arns
    N otable
    V ictory and
    E xceptional
    R enown


  20. Bernard Hunter 25 Apr 2010

    Dear All,
    Many congratulations on the award at Denver. Excellent news and wholly deserved.
    Best wishes,
    Bernard Hunter
    Trustee, Dulwich Picture Gallery


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