Nanook arrives in Green Park

[Elephant+Parade+London+2010.jpg]From Monday 3rd May 250 individually painted elephants are positioned all over London to mark the launch of the campaign to save the Asian elephant. The Charity Elephant Family commissioned 250 artists including Martin Aveling to paint a life size fibreglass elephant which he named Nanook. DOV reported the painting of Nanook back in January and now Martin has produced a video of his work which you can see below:

To download a map of where Nanook and all the other painted elephants are located go to Elephant Family and enjoy seeing them all in Central London in the coming weeks.  Martin’s is in Green Park.

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  1. Ingrid 17 May 2010

    You can now buy these elephants – online –
    Here you can choose from the entire herd of elephants and read information about the artist and their inspiration.

    23 June – 3 July , the 258 elephants can be viewed at the Royal Hospital Chelsea.
    Martin’s Nanook (no. 169) is one of the 30 chosen for the live auction at Sotherby’s on 3 July.


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