A Peek Inside Randy Klein’s New Project ’10 Books I Never Wrote’

Randy Klein has had an impressive career with over 30 solo exhibits and ten artist books published. So now it only seems natural that this dynamic artist would produce another intriguing and inspiring project.

10 Books I Never Wrote‘ is Klein’s latest labor of love and the title itself is enough to whet the appetite of a curious mind. Klein explains the meaning behind the title of his latest book.

In the course of creating artists’ books, many ideas are initiated, developed up to a certain point, and then get abandoned. The reasons are many and varied. Suddenly I found myself with a large number of unfinished projects which started to weigh down on me. I couldn’t fire up the inspiration for my next literary masterpiece, since the weight of these half finished wonders was dragging me down. So when bookartbookshop invited artists to make books around the theme of 10, to celebrate their 10th anniversary, the penny dropped and ’10 Books I Never Wrote’ was born.” says Klein.

’10 Books I Never Wrote’ is not Klein’s first rodeo when it comes to writing and publishing though. Throughout his career Klein has striven to be an organic artist that works in narrative themes and this tendency led him to explore the world of creating artist books. Klein expands upon this process, “My work has a narrative element to it, and I work in series – individual pieces which join together to make a larger statement. For example, at present I am working on a series of 100 sculptures which work together like a ‘Flick Book’, for a touring show in Italy. You can see a video about these pieces here:

Therefore, it was natural for me to explore the medium of ‘artists’ books’. This is a special medium which crosses over between fine art, printmaking and books. Up to now I have concentrated on limited edition hand printed book editions – ‘Florida – or ‘You can’t fight progress’, ‘il benzinaio’, ‘Coney Island’. These are in many public collections, including the Tate Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art. Visuals and text are always by me. To see more of my other books you can visit my own website and also the British Library.”

As one can see ’10 Books I Never Wrote’ has been a long time in the making, but the real question is what can a reader, who has perhaps never glanced through a Randy Klein artist book or gazed upon a Randy Klein piece expect to see and read in ’10 Books I Never Wrote’?

’10 Books I Never Wrote’ gives a view into my artistic process and reveals all kinds of personal detail about my background. It takes the reader back to my childhood in Brooklyn, opens a can of worms of what makes me tick as an artist.” Says Klein when describing ’10 Books I Never Wrote’.

“However, ’10 Books’ is unique in my oeuvre, since it only costs £10! The other books are hand printed in luscious colours and with all kinds of sculptural cutouts, popups or even a bronze sculpture in the cover of ‘il benzinaio’. They are very limited and expensive, and many are sold out. So ’10 Books’ is the cheap and cheerful introduction to my work as a book artist, and should bring a smile to the reader.”

There is more than just a smile to be hand by taking a journey through ’10 Books I Never Wrote’, there is a message. Even if you have never glanced through a Randy Klein book before you are sure to walk away from ’10 Books I Never Wrote’ with the message that “The Creative Life is its Own Reward”.

Klein doesn’t want to stop at ’10 Books I Never Wrote’ though, in fact he is already working on his next book! “The prototype for my next book is taking shape. It is called ‘da un momento al altro’, or in English, ‘moment to moment’. It will coincide with the touring show of new sculpture in Italy in the spring. There are no words, just images and the book folds out in a very long concertina shape, and reads like an animated film, or a scroll.” Says Klein of his next project.

It is clear that Klein isn’t slowing down any time soon and as fellow art lover I’m sure you’ll agree that this is welcome news indeed.

You can buy ’10 Books I Never Wrote’ via Klein’s website and bookartbookshop.

’10 Books I Never Wrote’ is also available at a 25% discount until 30 January: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/10-books-i-never-made/18793507 (Just type LULUBOOKUK305 at the checkout).

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