Dr Had’s Jazz and the Leopard’s Spot

Dr Hadwen

Like a challenge? So did Walter Robert Hadwen, born in Woolwich on 3rd August 1854. He left school at the age of thirteen; and even at this young age, he managed to pass the pharmaceutical society entrance examinations.

A chemist by trade, then a preacher, and finally a doctor, when a friend bet him he couldn’t survive for six months without meat, he won the bet, and subsequently became a lifelong vegetarian. Dr Hadwen moved to Gloucester after qualifying as a doctor at St Andrew’s University, and was invited by Miss

Celebrate World Animal Day

Frances Power Cobbe to speak at the newly formed British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV.) He began to study the history of medicine in relation to experiments on animals, concluding that that vivisection had “done nothing whatever for the amelioration or the cure of any human disease.”

He became the president of BUAV and “his manner of dealing with opponents, especially medical men, was a delight to witness.” according to audience members. In 1970, the general secretary of BUAV formed a new Trust for the advancement of medicine without harming animals, naming it the Dr Hadwen Trust.

In 2012, the Dr Hadwen Trust is the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity, and has been actively funding projects which are also ethically viable for forty years. The new era of cutting-edge medical research features computer models of virtual organs, with incredibly accurate indicators of both disease and treatment, human volunteers providing cell or tissue samples, and cultures which can be grown in test tubes.

At 7:30pm on Tuesday 2nd October, Canvas & Cream Art Gallery and restaurant  will be HOSTING Dr Had’s Jazz Charity Event. The event is also a celebration of World Animal Day, and the venue has already received some media attention, as Nigella Lawson enthused about the cakes, and the Saatchi Gallery buying all the painting in one of their first exhibitions. The jazz night will feature songs on an animal theme, with Alex Carter (me) with top notch jazzers Dave Chamberlain and Christian Vaughan.

Me – Alexandra Carter

There will be a vegetarian food and bar, and the evening coincides with the first night of artist Martin Aveling’s beautiful animal portraits exhibition; he will hopefully be back from New York in time! Tickets are £10, available from alex@alexandracarter.com or ask for them at Canvas & Cream. All proceeds go to the Dr Hadwen Trust.

As for The Leopard’s Spot, you’ll have to come along to find out…I know, you DOV readers didn’t really think they’d spotted leopards south of the river.

The raffle prizes are kindly donated by CRED jewellery, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Beyond Skin shoes, Cyrine Aromatherapie, Feelgood Handbags,Vegan Wines, Plamil foods, Paul Mitchell Hair Care, with a hat made specially for the event by Bailey Tomlin (Vogue.)

For further info and to book tickets please visit: http://www.alexandracarter.com/drhadsjazz.

Alex Carter, singer, lives in Sydenham, specialising in European cabaret songs.

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  1. Birdman of long beach: I had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra Carter today because of my rescue work and it was quite a honor. This charity concert is for such a good cause and I am very honered to be a very small part of it. Thank you Alexandra Carter for letting me be a part of this wonderful event. Some of my rescue stories are on google under Birdman of long beach. Sincerely, Dan Lubniewski

  2. Mr. Lee 25 Sep 2012

    This charity event is going to be great and we love Jazz. Thank you so much Alexandra Carter for all the work you did to make this happen.You are quite a inspiration to all of us and we are looking forward to Oct.2,2012 Thanks again, Mr. Lee and family.


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