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I first became interested in making huge bubbles after watching a YouTube video of Sterling Johnson standing on a beach in San Francisco creating colourful giant bubbles one after the other floating across the sand.

From that moment on I was hooked. I was set for a big camping trip with my family and friends in a few weeks time and thought it would be great to try and get some big bubbles happening on the campsite for us all!

Three years later I’m still making bubbles of all sizes and shapes, my most recent film “28 Bubbles Later” shows the progress of my giant bubble making.

28 Bubbles Later ( A Sunday morning ) from Lionel Stanhope on Vimeo.

Social networking has enabled me to have contact and correspondence with other “Bubblers” from all over the world, Including Sterling Johnson who is responsible for me starting this journey and virtually every week we are discussing small details in the products we use, the mixing up of our bubble solution, types of cords and equipment we use and build and of course sharing photographs and films of our achievements. My Facebook page is Brockley Bubbles.

I’ve lived in Brockley now for 10 years and I’m very lucky to have Hilly Fields park just outside my front door. Having a green open space has been instrumental in my Bubbling as I can wander over all year round when ever I had some spare time to test and practice my skills. Most regular park users have seen me many times and watch for a while before walking on, other people and children are drawn to the bubbles and a crowd can form pretty quickly with the children unable to stop themselves from bursting every bubble I make. I often prefer to go out early in the morning or evenings when its a little quieter and find it quite a relaxing thing to do after a long day at work.

I work as a freelance Scenic Artist painting Theatre sets and Theme Park rides, and recently painted parts of the Industrial Revolution set for the London 2012 Opening Ceremony so my bubble making is no more than a hobby or pastime that some may say has got out of control!

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