Ideas that Changed the World: a new series of Tuesday morning lectures for 2013 inspired by Anthony Grayling

A fascinating new series of lectures at Dulwich Picture Gallery is now open for booking. Inspired by Anthony Grayling’s book Ideas that Matter these 20 lectures will examine Ideas that Changed the World throughout Tuesday mornings in 2013.

Prof A C Grayling
Eminent 21st century philosopher and Master of the New College of the Humanities. Author of over twenty books on philosophy including Ideas That Matter (2009) and What is Good? (2003) which inspired this seriesAnthony Grayling is one of the most popular 21st Century philosophers whose books have inspired a new generation of people to think about the world around them and question the presupposed assumptions of our society. These talks examine some of the most important ideas that have shaped the progress of culture, politics, religion and science across the centuries. We caught up with chairman and convener of the series Dr Kenneth Wolfe to tell us more about it.

Tell us the idea behind the new lecture series due to start at Dulwich Picture Gallery on 15 January 2013?

– The series will provide detailed and scholarly insights into those various aspects of modern society against which background, so much art is undertaken.

What topics and lecturers can people expect to see in this series?

– Topics include, psychiatry, immigration, China, Plato, good and bad religion, and animal rights – to name just a few.

Why do you think people should book?

– Over the years this annual Contextual Lecture Series has become somewhat prestigious and we thus attract the best authorities. The talks will be entertaining and enlightening and the audience will have  a chance to look through a few windows into major issues in our world!

Animal Rights, presented by Prof Andrew Linzey

Who are you particularly looking forward to hear speaking?

– I’m especially looking forward to the sagacious Baroness Warnock on Plato: she is a notable authority with extensive experience.

Professor A. C. Grayling will open the series on the 15 January 2013 and bring it to a close on 13 December 2013 with his own eminent perspective.


Getting Connected – Social Networks; Ancient and Modern
Presented by Prof George Rousseau

The series will begin with an evening drinks reception in the cloister at 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

All other lectures will be held from 10.30 – 11.30am on Tuesdays throughout the year, in Dulwich Picture Gallery’s Linbury Room.

List of Speakers and Topics:

Professor Rana Mitter From Conflict to Confucius: How modern China’s Past is Shaping its Future

Professor Andrew Linzey Animal Rights

Dr Nigel Warburton Free Speech

Dr Khalid Khoser 200 Million and Counting: Contemporary Migration

Professor Klaus Dodd The Antarctic-Up for Grabs

Professor Christopher Butler The Future of the Arts: Defending High Culture

Professor Tom Burns Psychiatry: How did it get here and will it survive?

Dr Peter Vardy Good and Bad Religion – The Challenge for Today

Professor Jonathan Wolff Communism: Theory and Practise

Sir Francis Jacobs European Law – and Grasping the Nettle of Sovereignty

Dr Bernard Wood Human Evolution: Ancestors and Relatives you never knew you had

Baroness Mary Warnock Our Debt to Plato

Dr Grace Davie Secularisation – or not?

Rev John Bowker The Worlds in which we live: Religious Ideas and Beliefs

Professor Peter Holland From Darwin to DNA

Dr Kenneth Wolfe Creationism – A new Fundamentalism? (including clip from the film ‘Inherit the Wind’)

Dr Stuart Russell The Future of (Artificial) Intelligence

Prof George Rousseau Getting Connect – Social Media; Ancient and Modern

The Antarctic – Up for Grabs
Presented by Prof Klaus Dodds, author of 10 books on Geopolitics
including The Antarctic: A Very Short Introduction (2012) and Pink Ice: Britain and the South Atlantic Empire (2002)


Tickets available from 26 November 2012.  To book contact the Educational Public Programme Manager (Lettie Mckie) for further information: 0208 299 8732 or email

Tickets are sold for whole series of 20 lectures. £200 (Friends £180) which includes the opening launch and final lecture. Only a limited amount of tickets will be available on the door for each event on a first come, first served basis for £10 (£9 for Friends).

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