Magnum Opus at the Dye House

This week is your last chance to catch Magnum Opus at the Dye House, a show curated by N/V_PROJECTS and featuring a selection of sculptural works by emerging artists.

580651_511160792257272_1569880998_nThe show opened with a private view on January 10th and will continue until Saturday 26th, taking in South London Art Map’s ever-popular Last Fridays.

If you had high hopes of de-cluttering and reorganising in 2013 but the latter half of January has you flagging on the Resolution Wagon, then the works of one of the artists in the show, Leo Fitzmaurice, might re-inspire you: it’s underpinned by a desire to reorganise the quotidian and familiar, forcing us to look at things we take for granted in new, fresh ways. And if your good intentions have more or less blown up in your face, then check out Daniel Shanken, whose mechanical sculptures often include a built-in self-destructing mechanism and explore the element of surprise in relation to a viewer’s expectations of how artwork ought to perform and how they may interact with it. Other artists whose work is exhibited include Darren Banks, Simon Davenport, Gesa Troch, Lewis Teague Wright and Nina Wakeford.

dye houseN/V_PROJECTS collaborated with the Dye House last year during PAMI and have chosen to use the space again because its vast size lends itself perfectly to a show where the works on view are on such a large scale: although all part of the greater proposition, they can each be appreciated individually without any jarring ‘bleed’ between works.

Magnum Opus will reopen for this, its final, week on Wednesday. Normal opening hours are from 12pm until 6pm, other than Friday night when it will remain open until 8pm to participate in SLAM’s Last Fridays. Other events in the area on the night include Open Studios at the Arches on Blenheim Grove, where the work of ceramicists, artists and makers can be viewed and purchased.

For more information about the curators and individual artists, please see the N/V_PROJECTS website and blog

For more information about the venue, visit: and

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