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snowdogDulwich Park on trend with snow menageries

For this year’s outbreak of snow, the press reported a nationwide trend away from the traditional snowman to more ambitious creations, including snow animals.

Dulwich Park had its share of cats and dogs, an example of which is shown.

Replacing the Hepworth

The shortlisting of artists to submit ideas for a new work for Dulwich Park took place on 17th January (as trailed by Councillor Barrie Hargrove at the Homage to Hepworth event) at a steering group meeting at Southwark Council’s HQ on Tooley Street.

Details of Southwark’s press release naming the artists can be found on our website:

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Tree of the Month The Bay Laurel (Laurusnobilis).

Head Gardener Ric Glenn writes:

This Mediterranean Tree grows surprisingly well in our climate, often planted in tubs and pruned into formal shapes, it also makes a stately evergreen tree when left to its own devices.

treeA symbol of Apollo, wreaths made from the leaves of the Bay Laurel was used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans to honour war heroes, athletes and poets.

The modern terms ‘baccalaureate’ and ‘poet laureate’ are derived from this tradition.

The culinary uses of Bay leaves are well known, with a few leaves added to every good Bolognaise sauce then removed before serving.

Perhaps the most striking of Dulwich Park’s Bay trees are the four multi–‐stemmed coppiced examples found in the lakeside plantings (see example in pic). Over the past few years we have been removing the epicormic growth from the base of these trees to reveal the trunks and open views to the lake through the trees.

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5K Parkrun in Dulwich Park every Saturday at 9am

It’s free. Just register once here

5k run

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Dulwich Park Fair – Sunday 19th May from midday

This year’s fair will be on 19th May, following a familiar ‘village fayre’ style event. Details will follow nearer the time.

As always, feel free to contact me at any time on park‐related matters. Trevor Moore (Chair): or visit our site:

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  1. The Dulwich park run is great fun and 5K isn’t too strenuous, even if you haven’t run for a while. Just makes it that much easier to get into when there are others doing it with you.


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