The Lost Boy, the Doodlebug & the Mysterious Number 80

by Dulwich aTLBTDATMN80_spread.indduthor Stevie Henden

This is Stevie’s first novel, partly set in a fictional road in Dulwich. He is terribly excited that it’s published on the 1st May by Matador Books.

He said about the book, ‘From the moment that you see the intriguing title and the amazing cover artwork by Marnie Pitts you know that this book is going to be a mystery and a fantasy. I think that in current straightened economic times peoples are looking to escape from the grind of the everyday, and ‘The Lost Boy’ is a great fantasy book to lose themselves in, like an adult fairy tale.’

When asked what the book is about, Stevie replied somewhat enigmatically.‘The book will be lots of different things to different people! It’s a mind twisting time travelling tale, it’s a beautiful gay love story, it’s a murder mystery and it’s the spiritual journey of four people: a young man growing up in South London in the 1950’s and struggling with his sexuality, a psychic woman who has a vision during the Blitz whilst using the Tarot, a lonely wounded and repressed Battle of Britain pilot and last but not least a serial killer.

But further than that there are a number of important spiritual and metaphysical themes going on. I’m not going to mention all of them as it would give the story away, but the concept of karmic returns is considered, as are big questions about how much of our life is pre-destined and how much can be changed by human intervention.

It’s also a very emotional, bitter-sweet book, and my readers have commented on how it allows them to feel powerful emotions and most importantly to shed some tears.’

stevieapr2013web When asked what his inspirations were for ‘The Lost Boy’ Stevie said,
‘I could list so many but to name a couple: many of the colourful characters have a reference to people that I have met in real life, and although the book is not auto biographical some of the narrative has echoes of my own. I’m a life long Doctor Who geek and this wonderful show has inspired my interest in the potential and implications of time travel. It’s fair to say though, that in Doctor Who there are a lot of green slimy monsters but in ‘The Lost Boy’ the only monsters are human.’

If you are intrigued then you can buy the paperback from most internet bookstores, although Stevie recommends his good friends at Wildsounds which is a small independent bookseller.

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