GAIL’s arrives in Dulwich

It was not until Ran, Emma and I met GAIL (founder of Baker & Spice) that we realised there was truly great artisan bread in London – and we were all desperate for it.

Tom Molnar

Tom Molnar – one of the two business brains behind the Gail’s Bakery chain

She was making world-class breads and cakes and had drivers delivering it to the top restaurants and hotels in London but we wanted to take this wonderful artisan bakery to the high street and make it more widely available. That’s why GAIL’s Artisan bakery was born – an authentic artisan bakery opened to anyone, not just amazing chefs.

Food has always been an essential part of my life; my Sicilian grandfather and his brothers built a  group of 40+ food-focused and service-friendly food stores in and around Philadelphia called Genuardi’s Family Markets. I would spend all of my holidays with him working with seasonal fruits and some of the area’s best bakers. We would then have dinner at his mother’s house and feast on homemade bread and butter while we were waiting for the meal. Life was simply all about food, good homemade food, and lots of smiles. These days I am spoiled with choice. London has a fantastic food scene, I spend most of my days in the bakery and my Italian wife and I love to shower our home with lots of fresh simple dishes.

Dulwich Village-126

The first GAIL’s opened in 2005 in Hampstead –  we now have 14 bakeries across London – the lastest was opened recently in Dulwich Village, one of the prettiest parts of London. We also recently opened a restaurant called GAIL’s Kitchen in Bloomsbury that has received several great reviews and has a lovely following of central London’s foodies. Both our bakeries and restaurant make – delicious straightforward food handmade and from scratch every day, using traditional methods to maintain excellence in quality and taste. The bakers are dedicated to honest bread-making, using only natural ingredients. As a diverse group of people with widely different backgrounds, we are internationally inspired, creating recipes influenced from across the globe, bringing them to our bakeries to serve local communities, so we can break bread together. In today’s digital world, it’s a privilege to be involved in the craft of artisan bread-making and represent the work of such skilled craftspeople

Dulwich Bread-152We’re delighted to be bringing our bread to Dulwich. We fell in love with the village and knew we wanted to be a part of it. To me, Dulwich has always seemed such a creative and discerning area (among other things, I love seeing the signs to the Picture Gallery on the way to the bakery). I believe that GAIL’s shares this creative ethos, the team is keen to become part of the community, and offer its residents truly good bread, nice warm croissants and lovely cakes– each of our loaves/pastries/cakes are handmade, fresh, every day to GAIL’s own special recipe. We couldn’t be happier to be opening our bakery here.

Dulwich Bread-179We’ll be open for breakfast, lunch and tea, and will be offering our signature breads, freshly baked pastries and cakes, as well as sausage rolls, cinnamon buns and a selection of sandwiches and salads. Our Head Baker, Roy Levy, learnt his trade being particularly inspired by Parisian bakeries & patisseries, and you’ll taste this in your morning pastries and cakes!

We’ve embraced the spirit of both GAIL’s and the Dulwich area in designing the bakery – it is a clean and modern space with warm, classic elements such as natural leather furnishings and aged brass cage lamps, which hang above tables made with reclaimed schoolroom Iroko lab tops, a nod to the history of well-respected schools in the area.

Our aim has always been to bake delicious, top-quality bread, and deliver it fresh to local people daily. We’re excited to be a part of the Village.

GAIL’s Artisan Bakery
91 Dulwich Village
SE21 7BJ

Telephone: 020 8693 1787

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  1. Andrea Szeplaki 29 May 2013

    I sense some Hungarian connections here…:o)

    Congratulations Tom on opening such an amazing bakery filled with mouth-watering products!


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