Baroque the Parks: inspiration from Dulwich Picture Gallery

Continuing the series of the inspiration behind the recent murals created as part of Baroque the Streets: Dulwich Street Art Festival, where a group of internationally renowned street artists were asked to interpret paintings from Dulwich Picture Gallery‘s permanent Baroque collection on walls around Dulwich.


Thierry Noir, famous for painting the Berlin Wall during the 1980s, chose to interpret Giambattista Tiepolo’s Joseph Receiving Pharaoh’s Ring.  He incorporated all the figures, pulling them apart in order to fit the long wall.  Web Tiepolo,Giambattista Joseph receiving Pharaohs Ring

webThierry Noir Tiepolo complete  2
Thierry talked about his choice on the BBC news item made about the project, click here and see 1.55 minutes in.

Last year Stik began this interpretation project with 6 murals based on paintings from Dulwich Picture Gallery.  For the one on the smaller wall of the bowling building in Dulwich Park, he chose Bartolome Esteban Murillo’s Three Boys.  This painting worked very well for him as his paintings are all about relationships between people.

Murillo Three Boys web22

webMurillos 3 boys


MadC, the only woman artists in the project, chose to interpret Van Huysum, Still Life with Flowers in a Stone Vase 1731-2  on the back of the tennis practice wall in Belair Park.  This wall is easily missed, but is an extraordinary gem of a mural.  It is next to the path from West Dulwich Station into Belair Park and its really worth stopping and looking at it carefully, in particular the details in the same way as its worth spending time in front of the original in Dulwich Picture Gallery.  MadC has taken elements of the painting and arranged them on a portrait wall, incorporating them in her signature tag – MADC.  DOV interview with her here.

webVan Huysum Still Life with Flowers in a Stone Vase 1731-2  Private Collection

complete wall

Fly Van Huysum Still Life with Flowers in a Stone Vase 1731-2  Private Collection

Tulip Van Huysum Still Life with Flowers in a Stone Vase 1731-2  Private CollectiontULIPMadC Van Huysum flowers detailWEB
Van Huysum Still Life with Flowers in a Stone Vase 1731-2  pineapple detailPrivate Collection
WebMadC pineapple detail





SadlyxDulwich Picture Gallery is closed at the moment, but it opens on 12 June, at which time you can see the originals.

Here is a map of all the other murals that are part of the Dulwich Outdoor Gallery.

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  1. Beryl Chandler 8 Jun 2013

    I really love Stik’s works, they all evoke times, places and people and provoke such emotion. Wonderful!

    • Ingrid 11 Jun 2013

      You are right about Stik’s works. So simple yet so appealing. I hope you like the other murals around Dulwich based on paintings at Dulwich Picture Gallery. The interpretations are so varied and appeal in different ways.

  2. Can we have more about Dulwich Village – Please !

    • Ingrid 5 Mar 2014

      Im so glad you like the street art. Im a bit nervous about the Dulwich Estates objecting. Saying that, they have approved the mushrooms sprouting above Romeo Jones in the Village. I have had so many joyous texts/emails about them.

      If you have a wall in mind, I could go about looking for permission.


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