The Art of Looking: A new perspective on Dulwich’s Permanent Collection

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Dulwich Picture Gallery and delve a little deeper into the history of the objects and paintings on display our current series of Saturday morning talks is your chance! Expert speakers including curators, conservators, art historians and academics present a range of thematic talks on various aspects and artists represented in our collection. The third topic on 6 July is Picturing the Artist.

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We caught up with lecturer Aliki Braine who told us more about it;

This Study Morning is a new way to look at some of the old favourites in the Dulwich Picture Gallery collection. It will be an informal but intellectually stimulating look at the changing ways the artist makes himself known within a work, whether that be through a self-portrait, obvious brush strokes or compositional choices.

What will the talk focus on?

We’ll mainly be focusing on the 17th Century because art gradually became more self-conscious from then. We will examine the viewers’ need to find a connection with the artist in the work and how as a result art history develops a narrative that becomes about telling the life story of artists. We will also explore how the name of an artist affects the financial and artistic value placed upon a work.

Vase with Flowers
Jan Van Huysum
Dulwich Picture Gallery

Why do you think people should book onto the study morning?

This is an opportunity to think about who made the works represented in the Gallery’s collection and how their presence resonates within them. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge to book on. Hopefully it will be both intellectually seriously and genuinely enjoyable.

What are you most excited about in giving this talk?

This is such a great opportunity for lively discussion and debate. We’ll spend the first hour in the lecture theatre then go into the Gallery to look at the paintings we’ve been talking about. I’m looking forward to hearing people’s opinions and looking at these familiar paintings with their fresh eyes!

To book tickets for this or any other talk in the series call 0208 299 8732 or book online HERE.

For more information email Lettie McKie, Education Public Programme Manager


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