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A disused car park in Peckham seems like the last place to find a collection of innovative modern art, but it works perfectly for the Bold Tendencies. Bold Tendencies is a non-profit sculpture project with a mission of showcasing new art by international artists. The project, created by Hannah Barry, is in its seventh year.


Red and white signs guide viewers up the car park to the Bold Tendencies exhibit.

A series of red and white arrows lead you from the base of the car park near the cinema to the seventh level where the exhibition begins. Eleven installations from international artists are scattered about levels 7-10 of the car park. As you wind your way up the concrete structure, you are greeted with a spectacular view of the city. The panorama of London and the artworks are a perfect contrast to the gray and urban structure of the car park.


The city of London peeks out above the residences of Peckham.

“I read about it in the newspaper, in the Standard, and I thought it sounded like a good thing to get involved in.” said first year volunteer Rebecca Livesey-Wright.

The project is designed to encourage the public to get involved with the art world and to support emerging artists. Joe Balfour is the curator for the event. The sculptures are very interactive and encourage the viewers to get involved with the art. My favorite piece was “I See You Liking Everything” by Ruth Proctor. The sculpture, made from multicolored forecourt bunting and rubber tyre marks, looks like a giant masquerade mask. The metallic colors used for the work sparkle and shine in the sun and make a calming rustling noise as they are moved about in the wind.


“I See You Liking Everything” is displayed on the top floor of the car park.


The sculptures are accompanied by Frank’s Cafe on the top floor of the multistory car park, which is a perfect place to stop for drinks and meals made with fresh produce and meat. There are many events held throughout the summer including the Copeland book market, The London Contemporary Music Festival and many other talks and workshops. This exhibition has a little something for everyone.

Bold Tendencies is located at 95a Rye Lane and is open from 11am- 11pm Wed-Sun until 30 September.

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