The Brixton Chocolate Museum

This year my form (at the time I was in year 8) won the ‘Sydenham Apprentice’, an event in which the three year eight forms at Sydenham High School went head-to-head to try and raise the most money for our chosen charities; ours was the British Lung Foundation. As a prize for our hard work, we all went on a trip to the new Brixton Chocolate Museum.

IMG_5139At 3.15pm we were let out of our last lesson and all hopped on the school mini-bus with an air of excitement and anticipation.

After the (rather long) bus ride, we finally arrived outside the small, white shop in a quiet street, just off Brixton Road.  We went inside and then spilt up between four tables.

The museum was small with white walls and tables and there were boards hung up on one wall that described the history of chocolate making. Downstairs had much more information with adverts and displays about the how chocolate is made. Upstairs there were two white shelving units full to the brim with types of chocolate and chocolate making ingredients.

IMG_5144As the chatter faded away we began our chocolate experience. First we learnt how chocolate was made and touched some of the ingredients, like cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Next we tried some chocolate, having to guess where it was from and what was in it. I wasn’t very good at this but it was all tasty.

Finally the much-anticipated part of the trip came around …. chocolate making!  On our tables we all made chocolate truffles.  This was done by dipping chocolate mousse in chocolate fondant, a totally gloopy, messy and enjoyable experience.  Some of us were more skilled than others. I only managed to make three, as my mousse kept melting into my fondant, but my friend, Jess, made eight though she got very messy in the process.

Far too quickly the trip was over and we all came out, thanking the owners of the museum and clutching bags of truffles.

We all thought the Brixton Chocolate Museum was fun – much better than a normal museum – and my friends and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Alex Lindsey, May 2013.

For more information about the Chocolate Museum in Brixton, please visit:

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  1. That sounds tremendous! I hope to bring my daughter there this year!


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