Tate Modern Treats

There are many perks to working along the Southbank, one of my favourite being close proximity to the Tate Modern. This iconic art gallery holds the title for the most visited gallery in the world.


And, after my recent visit, I’m confident the Tate can lay claim to another title – the biggest gift-shop in South London!

This impressively large space is stocked with so many items I was in danger of mistaking it for a department store! Along with the posters and prints you’d normally expect to find, there is an amazingly vast range of products for sale – from gin to jewellery and everything in between.


Roughly half of the shop is dedicated to books, for those who want to take an in-depth look at the modern masterpieces they’ve just had the pleasure of viewing. Children are equally well catered for when it comes to literature with the Tate providing a wealth of stylishly illustrated picture books.


Little ones will also be drawn to the colourful and eye-catching toys and t-shirts lining the shelves. To the relief of many parents, the focus is on striking design, which means there are some very tasteful options on offer rather than the usual generic gift-shop fare.


And for the grown-ups hoping to treat themselves, you’ll be spoilt for choice. From brightly-coloured leather satchels and Pop-art cushions to a staggering seven umbrella designs, the Tate Modern’s gift shop provides customers with options. And plenty of them.


People often say the best part of a gallery visit is the gift shop and, in this case, I would have to say there is some truth in that. So, whether you’re feeling a bit peckish, fancy a new teapot or need a quick change of outfit, the Tate has each and every possibility covered.

More information about Tate can be found here: www.tate.org.uk.

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