Sunny Day Adventures in Dulwich

After my usual rainy morning walk to the Dulwich Picture Gallery, the sun came out by early afternoon. The weather was so nice, I couldn’t help but use it as an opportunity to explore the village and park.

M3Working at the Dulwich Picture Gallery gives me the unique opportunity to work just a short walk away from Dulwich Village and Dulwich Park. Last week I was prepared for another rainy London day, after my walk in the morning was nothing less than typical.

As I was in the office I noticed the sun starting to come out gradually throughout the day, and by the time I was leaving to go home, the air was crisp and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I knew I had to take advantage of this opportunity and do some exploring. I walked down College Road until I found the old college park gate and went for a look.

M2 Apparently everyone else had the same idea as me to visit the park that day. There were little kids swerving down the paved path in the bikes available for rent, people playing tennis and basketball, and tons of dogs (Seriously.  So many dogs, I was in heaven!) splashing through the puddles leftover from the morning rain while they played with one another. Down the path I saw the signs for the boating lake and decided to head that way. It was so lovely out it made me wish it was a bit warmer so I could take out one of the paddle boats and explore the lake area even more. One of my favorite things to do in while I’m at university in Boston in the summertime is to take a ride on the Swan Boats on the lake in the public garden, so the paddle boats reminded me of home a bit.

After sitting on a bench and admiring the view while eating my post-work snack I brought for myself (A banana and some crackers), I made my way around the lake, crossed over the little footbridge and walked back through the gates and headed toward the village.

M1As I walked I couldn’t help but think Dulwich village looks how I thought all English neighborhoods looked growing up- being from a beach town in south Florida, my exposure was limited.

Cute white houses with white fences lined the road, with the bright colors of autumn to offset them (another perk of growing up in Florida- no seasons.) made me wish I had spent more time in a place like this. One of my favorite things about London so far has been that each borough and the areas within them has a distinct look to them so different from the last.

In the village the flower shop and Gail’s Artisan Bakery caught my eye, which made me regret eating my snack.  I’ve made the mental note to come back and try a few pastries, while maybe picking up some fresh flowers for my flat.  I ended up having a wonderful surprise afternoon adventure, and it was definitely a nice break from the rain and clouds.

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Hi everyone! I was born and raised in Jupiter, Florida and currently attend Boston University. I am Dulwich OnView's intern for my current semester abroad in London. I am a member of the varsity women's rowing team at BU, and I have always had a love of photography. I am majoring in photojournalism and have minors in public relations and Italian language.
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  1. I enjoyed reading your article. I was raised in East Dulwich and Dulwich Park and surrounding area was one of my main haunts when I grew up. One thing I miss now I live ‘in the sticks’ some 40 miles north of London, is the parks which were in walking distance of wherever you live in London. Good luck in your internship. My granddaughter did an internship in the States in New York and loved it, she is currently working for BBC World news as a broadcast/journalist.


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