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Three-headed Genie shot of Kate Milllest, George Clarke and Helen Foster

In a hysterical and physical interpretation, Hammer and Tongs Theatre’s production of Arabian Nights at the Blue Elephant Theatre brings a night full of laughs and fantastical stories.

When a lover scorned just happens to have the power of a king, it is sure to end badly. Arabian Nights tells the story of Sherazade, or Shaz, a woman who marries the king knowing he marries and kills his wives immediately due to the love of his life’s infidelity.

Shaz has a plan to keep her alive by telling the king a story every day to keep him interested and wanting to find out what happens next. No one believes it will work, but eventually Shaz breaks through the walls of the king’s icy heart.

SuzieWith 5 physical performers and live music, the tales flow into one another with each performer telling a bit of the story, while also acting it out. Using the aid of different accents and personalities, the show is fun from start to finish.

Stories of princes, princesses, kings and queens, talking animals, a nasty genie, a flying horse and much more, all intertwined with comedy and a little bit of drama, you’re in for a night of entertainment.  With everyone in the crowd laughing and the performers loving what they do, the feel-good environment of Arabian Nights is infectious.

For the first preview, the show went smoothly 99% of the time and didn’t feel like a work in progress.  The performers were lively and articulate and played each of their roles really well from one to the next.

If you’re looking for a fun night out and want to enjoy a funny twist on some classic stories, head to Arabian Nights, you won’t be disappointed.

Arabian Nights is on Tuesday-Saturday nights at 8PM from 26 November until 14 December.  For more information please visit

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