Pop up painting pops up in Dulwich

As an artist, – who has a lot of non-artistic friends – I understand how uninviting and daunting the art world can appear to people who are not involved. However, the bottom line is, no matter who you are, art is fun!

Notting Hill House 2

The idea of social painting originated in the USA, and the goal is to make art and painting accessible to everyone. The evenings are lead by an artist giving simple steps and advice for guests to produce a painting. We often theme our evenings with food and drinks.

I have been involved with Pop Up Painting since it launched in London last April. Over the months we have had guests from all different walks of life from students to bankers to plumbers. They all come and enjoy painting for the evening, in a relaxed environment. Most of our guests comment on how they haven’t picked up a paint brush since their school days (with perhaps the exception of a roller when decorating their homes!).

Hockney Splash

This February I am launching a Pop Up Painting event in Dulwich. Our first Dulwich event will be on Thursday 6th February, at The Rosendale Pub, West Dulwich (tickets from: www.popuppainting.com/event). In this lovely pub we will be painting a wintery theme in an Art Deco style.

The following week, on Tuesday 11th February, I shall be travelling to East Dulwich to The Plough. The theme there will be Lichtenstein’s ‘Oh Jeff’ accompanied by 60’s music, to make the evening feel authentically ‘swinging’. (Tickets from: www.popuppainting.com/event).

Art Deco Xmas

We have events all over London so please visit www.popuppainting.com for more information.

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