Nick and Helena’s winter wedding at Dulwich Picture Gallery

On the 21st December 2013 Nick and Helena Feasey got married at Dulwich Picture Gallery. We asked Helena a few questions about their day!

LEECH_20131221_98444Why did you decide to get married at the Gallery?

I’ve known the Gallery since I was young growing up in Dulwich and went many times during my childhood (I particularly remember copying the picture of a young Queen Victoria on one trip from Dulwich Hamlet Juniors!) and my parents also love the venue and are ‘Friends’. Nick and I wanted to get married in London before moving to Liverpool in 2014 so wanted a local venue and with my memories and the gallery being so stunning it seemed like a great place. Also the gallery works just as well for a winter wedding as a summer one, we really liked the idea of the one long table in the gallery and Liz was lovely when we met her. Everyone – Nick and I and my parents – were unanimous that we’d get married there.


Was it a joint decision?

See above I guess – yes it was. Although I knew the gallery better, Nick loved it when he went there and thought it would be an amazing, different and truly memorable place to get married. How many places can you have dinner right next to Rembrandts, Gainsboroughs and Canaletto?!

Had many of your guests been to the Gallery before?

All my old school friends had and some of the other people who lived locally but the majority hadn’t been before. They loved it and enjoyed looking around both before the ceremony (for those who arrived early) and after dinner. Everyone kept saying what a great venue it was as well as how lovely the staff were – the children loved doing their own pictures and having them put up next to the famous pictures.


Do you live locally to the Gallery?

We live in south Wimbledon so not really local but not too far – however, I grew up in Dulwich / Herne Hill and my parents still live in Herne Hill. I was able to get ready at my parents’ house whilst Nick got a taxi over from our house. We also just got a taxi back home afterwards – it was great to be in our own home and not have to get out of a hotel room the next morning.

What was your highlight of the day?

Hmm – really difficult to say – it was all really special. Apart from actually getting married of course (!) – having a private party with 100 of our closest friends and family in that amazing space was truly amazing.


What song did you choose for your first dance?

Well we didn’t really have a first dance – I love dancing but Nick hates it! We had a Ceilidh though which was great fun and the band did a ‘snowball’ Gay Gordons as our first dance – starting with us and others joining in… We were pretty useless though so had to get our Scottish friends to show us how it is done! And as everyone had enjoyed all the great wine by then the dance didn’t go exactly smoothly but it was great fun with a lot of laughter. Afraid I have no idea what the name of the music was!


 Would you recommend the Gallery as a wedding venue?

Definitely – we had a lovely and relaxed day. Liz was really helpful and made sure everything happened without us having to think about it – as did Tyrone and all the staff from The Food Show, our caterer. The venue looked amazing and we were able to personalise the Linbury Room with decorations from Malawi, where we lived together for 3 years. One of our American friends summed it up when she said she said she was so glad she’d been able to make it – not only was the day a really happy one but it was the closest she’d ever felt to royalty (nothing to do with us but everything to do with the venue apparently!).


To enquire about getting married at Dulwich Picture Gallery please contact the Events Department on 020 8299 8713.

Images courtesy of Stu & Ant

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