I just had a baby!

You may have noticed that I took a short break from Dulwich OnView, but it was all for a good reason…

work_at_home_with_baby_standing_photo_sculpture-r5f649f6bf95e436bb0fdf820248e200a_x7saw_8byvr_324I had my beautiful baby boy early this year. He’s healthy, happy and he’s absolutely perfect. My husband and I are over the moon and love being new parents – though the sleepless nights are catching up with us.

I’d like to thank the lovely Lettie for covering for me these couple of months. She’s been very helpful and wrote some fantastic articles for DOV. You can read her articles here.

Life does change when you have a baby but I’m more grateful than anything. I love that I could still watch over him and continue blogging from home whilst he’s snoozing away in baby dream world.

If you see us around in Dulwich, do come over and say hello!

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Hi, I’m Shapa Begum, Blog Editor. Born and raised in East Dulwich, I love what I do here at Dulwich OnView, I’m absolutely passionate about south London and reaching out to local communities – you can read about my favourite Dulwich spots on Time Out London and Completely London blog. My role goes beyond editing, I write, review, participate in conferences/events, attend local happenings and oversee the marketing. There’s no rest for the wicked! When not working, I love to read, write, visit museums and spend time with my loved ones.
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  1. Ingrid 2 Feb 2016

    Congratulations Shapa! And to dad and wonderful baby! If there are some glitches in DOV in the months to come, we will know its sleepless nights and empathise. Thank you Lettie for covering, and welcome back Shapa.

  2. Sue Gillie 2 Feb 2016

    Great news, Shapa. Enjoy the baby and I hope you’ll be able to get more sleep soon!

  3. Andrea 3 Feb 2016

    Dear Shapa, congratulations and welcome to the ‘Mummy Group’! Enjoy every minute because before you know it, he will be out partying and chasing girls. Time flies so quickly! Can we see a picture? Let me know if you are coming to the Gallery! Big hugs xxx

    • Shapa Begum 3 Feb 2016

      Thanks Andi, hope you and the twins are well? It’s great to be a Mummy, and how amazing is it that we can actually function on the amount of sleep we get. Oh I’m dreading the teenage years! Looking to visit the Gallery soon. Will email you. xx

  4. Jeremy Prescott 3 Feb 2016

    Well done all, and your lives will never be the same again!

    Do keep us abreast of progress. We look forward to having you back at DOV when you feel ready.

  5. Jenny Sweeney 3 Feb 2016

    Congratulations Shapa and well done for being determined to integrate your new son into your working life. I am sure despite some ‘teething troubles’ that you will both enjoy being together. Delighted that you will continue to create the eclectic mix of articles for DOV so that I always smile when I open the email.

    • Shapa Begum 3 Feb 2016

      Thanks Jenny. Glad DOV brings a smile to your face:)

  6. Mireille Galinou 3 Feb 2016

    Congratulations Shapa! and welcome to the mad world of working mothers … All worth it of course.

  7. Trevor Moore 4 Feb 2016

    What fab news – and so glad you are managing to keep up the good work, too! Best wishes to you and your son.

    • Shapa Begum 9 Feb 2016

      Hi Trevor, thanks so much for your best wishes:)

  8. Congratulations, Shapa! I’m sure you are going to be a wonderful mum and enjoy motherhood. I am so impressed that you’re back in the DOV Editor’s chair already – that is one of the joys of working online, you can do it while your baby sleeps next to you. Thank you for all your excellent work in keeping DOV interesting and relevant to the community.

    • Shapa Begum 9 Feb 2016

      Thank you for your lovely comment Angie:) It’s great to be back and working online is extremely beneficial.


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