Protect our shops and local businesses

Locals in Herne Hill locals are uniting to fight off unwanted changes to their area.

image1_1Dulwich Estates are charging very high rents, and are increasing rents for local businesses by 70%. Some of those businesses are only just finding their feet after the devastating floods that hit Herne Hill two years ago, and are now being priced out by their landlord.

One of the shops, Just Williams in Herne Hill which has operated from its Half Moon Lane venue for 11 years, had to close last weekend due to the high rent prices. Locals – both adults and children were heartbroken by the closure of their favourite toy shop and staged a protest last Saturday.

It’s wonderful independent shops like Just Williams that give Herne Hill its delightful, unique urban-village feel. Charging exorbitant rents that drive out these independent shops could lead to the big chains moving in and Half Moon Lane will become another soulless high street.

Locals feel that Dulwich Estates are a charity yet they appear to be acting like unfair landlords. They do not appear to be engaging with, or acting in the interests of the local community. The people of Herne Hill only want to protect their shops and local businesses.

Herne Hill businesses and locals want Dulwich Estates to put people ahead of profit and consider the impact the rent rises will have on the surrounding area and to act like a responsible landlord and support the local community. Please show your support and help shops like Just Williams stay by signing this petition.

Are you sad to see Just Williams go? What impact will the rising rent increase have on other businesses? Please comment below…

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  1. Mike Colvin 3 Feb 2016

    Every landlord has to do a balancing act between keeping rents in line with inflation and avoiding putting them up so steeply that they end up with massive rent voids which effectively negate the benefits of the rent increase for months to come. I think we are about to witness a massive own goal by Dulwich Estates from which nobody wins.

  2. Ruth Colvin 3 Feb 2016

    It seems to me that Dulwich Estates are trying to push up rents in Herne Hill to such an extent that they will in time change the nature of this locality completely. What we have had up to now is a useful local shopping area, not smart but very useful. The rents that they are now seeking imply that shops like a butcher, a baker, a greengrocer will be driven out to be replaced by posh shops with high prices. We do not need a second rate Bond Street, we need somewhere we can go shopping in our hour of need, with independent retailers who will recognise us because we can afford to return to their shops.


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