The Multiple Myrtle Mysteries – A Dulwich Time­Travel Project

On Sunday 15th May, Dulwich Park will play host to a piece of interactive outdoor theatre when Dulwich residents will be called upon to help young time traveller Myrtle West get back to the present day!

MMM2-360x360Working closely with key organisations and residents of Dulwich, and supported by Arts Council England, The Multiple Myrtle Mysteries ​is a unique, fun, family­-friendly production which will be presented at Dulwich Park Fair as a part of the Dulwich Festival on May 15th.

Endless Horizons Ltd, the world’s first time-­travel agency, is coming to Dulwich to demo their new technology, capable of taking holiday-­makers anywhere in history. But while on a routine test, Myrtle West, the well­-known scientist/adventurer, has become unstuck in time, coursing throughout Dulwich’s history without any control. Now it’s up to Dulwich residents to help Endless Horizons track down Myrtle’s clues from the past and bring her back to the present.

Makers of ambitious transmedia productions, The Milo Wladek Co were commissioned by Southwark Presents ​to create a bespoke and wide­reaching family event that brings together an interactive treasure hunt, outdoor performance and community­made film screening that explores the history of Dulwich.

Featuring a comedic sci­fi plot, written by Joseph Wilde​, the show incorporates stories from local residents and community members. Director Simon Ryninks ​and producer Emma Tompkins​ have spent months gathering stories through workshops and interviews.

Simon Ryninks: “The Milo Wladek Co. makes fun and ambitious live events, bringing together different forms to create truly interactive experiences. For The Multiple Myrtle Mysteries, we’re working with Dulwich residents, combining film, installation, performance and puzzles, to explore the area’s past. We’re proud to call this a bonkers project and we can’t wait to be let loose on Dulwich!”

The trail runs throughout Dulwich, and online, from 5th May 2016. The performance/film takes place at the Dulwich Park Fair on 15th May from 4pm.

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