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I was born and bought up in Chiswick, West London. I came over to South East London to study at Camberwell School of Art and later on at Central School of Art and Goldsmiths College. I have lived in East Dulwich with my family for over 20 years and seen it change and hugely in that time. Over the years I have had studios in Peckham, Deptford and Brixton but finally I now have a purpose built studio in my garden.

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I make images using a range of analogue and digital photographic processes. The subject matter that I have pursued most recently is water and flowers. Many of the flowers that I photograph are grown in my own garden and conservatory or in the local parks. My overarching concerns are with the immersive experience of looking. Living and working in constant touch with my subject matter gives me great pleasure and helps to develop a greater understanding of it. My work reflects what we focus on, what we filter out and what we prioritise when looking. I am interested in revealing images of what the eye may physically see but finds hard to retain or process simultaneously.

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Each year I participate in the Artists Open House as part of the Dulwich Festival. This year I am presenting three new series of work – ‘Flora’, ‘Floral Spheres’ and ‘Water’. Flora is about the presence of a form which is purposely blurred and abstracted to emphasise its colours and shapes. Floral Spheres’ is a continuation of my interest in the way that we look at plant forms and their growth. The images are made by layering and sizing photographs from different seasons and places, within a circular form. The inclusion of illustrations from the 1950s folios used in schools to educate children about nature, raise questions about visual information and ‘truth’. Something that is also pertinent to photography and contemporary digital imagery. ‘Water’ has developed from my obsession with studying the forms and patterns that water makes as it moves rapidly to meet the land and how the light contributes to its qualities. The source images for these are taken on my travels each year.

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As well as making my own art work, I am a trained teacher with a dozen years experience of teaching art and photography in main stream schools and FE colleges. I have also worked extensively as an artist in education in a number of London galleries and schools and in the community in places such as Peckham, Chatham and Maidstone town centres. In addition I have been Artist in Residence at Maidstone Museum and the Bentliff Gallery and also at Woolwich College. I enjoy working with diverse groups of people on developing their knowledge, skills and creativity and relish the exchanges that result.

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I take part in the Dulwich Artists Open House every year. The Festival is a fantastic event celebrating and showcasing the huge amount of talent and creativity in the area. It’s a great opportunity for me to review my work and to meet lots of local art enthusiasts and fellow artists. I really enjoy it. Long may it continue!


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