Fashion Tips for the Postpartum Mum

Despite what we have seen in the media recently with celebrity mums bouncing back to their pre-baby weight within weeks, new mums are well aware that the birth of their baby doesn’t mean a return to their post-baby body immediately. Nor does it get rid of body insecurities and the challenges of dressing.

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Trapeze top

The most common request from new mums is how to hide their postpartum pooch because people assume they are still pregnant and they continue to get questions like, when is your baby due?  New mums say that they struggle to dress postpartum because they continue to look and feel pregnant weeks and months after the birth of their child.

The most important thing to remember is that it took 9 months for your body to undergo these changes, so be patient and kind to yourself as it returns to pre-baby normality. Bear in mind that your body has undergone an amazing transformation and to accept that it may not be the same at the end.

Fabric is Key

Your body is still healing so any maternity clothes with an elasticated waist that fits below your tummy will be essential to support your midriff area. For example, fold over stretch midi skirts and maternity low rise trousers.

Invest in shapewear 

Shaping Camisole

Shaping Camisole

Shapewear creates a flattering silhouette and also has a slimming effect on your hips and bum. For mums who have had a C-section and want to avoid any pressure on their scar area, shapewear will provide additional support and some relief from waistbands. Maternity hipster underwear is another alternative. They come in different patterns and colours like regular panties but are designed to fall under your tummy. Mums find them more appealing than granny-style pants and they work well if you’re not keen on shapewear.

Shaping camisoles is another great option for post-partum mums. It looks like a regular cami when layered under a flowing top but has been specifically designed for nursing mums. They are a good basic and are great for layering.

Swap Empire line for Trapeze 

Draped Top

Draped Top

An empire line, whilst great for styling a growing baby bump, may have the opposite effect for a post-partum tummy. This is because it will draw attention to your midriff instead of disguising it. A trapeze shape sometimes referred to as a ‘tent dresses, has side seams that are cut straight, narrow under the armhole and widens at the hem. Rather than nipping it at the waist, the cut flares out away from the body. Adored for their 60s feel, they are wonderful for disguising a post-partum pooch.

Wear a trapeze top with shorts, leggings, fitted skirt or cigarette trousers to counterbalance the volume.

Go bold in a structured blazer.

A structured blazer, in a great colour from your palette is always on trend and great for disguising your tummy. The extreme deep “V” of the blazer will actually help hide the pooch, and the bright colour will draw attention up, to the happy-new-mama glow on your face.

Dress up your blazer with heels you are comfortable with and tailored trousers or skirt for date night, or over boyfriend jeans and a casual top and flats for the daytime.

Go for Draping and Rushing Detail

Off the Shoulder Detail

Off the Shoulder Detail

Look for details in tops and dresses such as ruching and Grecian-style draping. They are great for their disguising effects and come in fabrics that have movement which skim over your curves.

Peplum tops are also flattering for postpartum shapes as they fitted through your bust and ribs, then flare out for a flirty, fun effect. The trick is to find a peplum top that flares right at the point where the pooch starts. Unlike an empire-waist top, the peplum has lots of volume, and therefore, a great disguising effect.

Linen is a good alternative to cotton sweaters in summer. It has great movement and washes well. Look for a linen sweater with a draping neckline and dolman-sleeves. Since many of these sweaters are sheer, layer with a shaper cami for maximum comfort.

Show some Skin

When you are pregnant, you become accustomed to covering up your shape so now is the time to rediscover your shape. As you begin to feel comfortable in your post-baby body, don’t be afraid to show some skin. Off the shoulder tops or cut-out shoulders will draw attention to these areas. Tuck in your tops or use belts to show off your waist.

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