Are We There Yet? Road Trip With a Baby…

Baby Ayman is 6 months old now (time surely does fly quick). He definitely is an outdoorsy baby and loves his mini adventures.

Preparing for a long or short car journey has its highs and lows. I’m no expert but my husband and I have learnt a thing or two on how to make it a smooth journey, so here are my tips on how to road trip with your baby on board.

carlos-baby-on-board-decal-car-decal-sticker-hangover-sunglasses-baby-vinyl-4772aece1d90e532483a14c02ecd36f71. Prepare

Journey (long or short) with a baby takes time. Gone are the days where you can get dressed in 5 minutes and walk out the front door. The key is to prepare and plan, get baby ready – feed, changed and if possible leave before baby’s nap time, you have to find the balance in getting ready yourself and tending to your baby’s needs. When my husband is home, we take turns, so I’ll tend to baby whilst he gets changed and vice versa – it really helps. Preparing for a journey enables both baby and yourself to be less stressed.

2. Pit stops

Frequent pit stops are a key way to keep a baby happy on a long journey. It does mean that you’ll have to allow extra time for your journey, but frequent stops will enable you to feed baby or play with him or her so they’re happy to sit back in their car seat again. Baby Ayman loves pit stops!

3. Toys

My husband bought Ayman his first car toy and hung it on his car seat, the toy served as a distraction and always surprised Ayman along the way. We now have a selected number of toys which we give to Ayman to play with during car journeys. I recently found that pulling out another toy halfway through the journey, surprised Ayman a lot.


Baby car seat toys

4. Music

Songs are another great way to entertain babies in the car. Ayman loves a particular track and falls asleep to it at times!

5. Baby Car Mirror

Baby car mirrors is just the thing to help keep your mind at ease when travelling with your little one. It’s easy to fit and can be done in seconds. You can watch baby’s every move and he or she will get the chance to look at themselves – that alone will keep them amused for a while.

6. Sleep Timing

Timing your trip to coincide with your baby’s sleep routine is another trick. I try to drive during nap time when I know Ayman will sleep away.

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