The Power of Neutrals‏

The Power of using an Impact Colour with your Neutrals and Special Offer on Style Classes.

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Using an Impact Colour for your Best Business Look

Autumn Neutrals with Orange Impact Colour

Autumn Neutrals with Orange Impact Colour

Too much colour..Is there such a thing? Surely not!

Colour makes us look younger, healthier and all round fabulous. It gets us noticed.

After all, colour is more memorable than black and white -10% more memorable, according to psychology boffins.

But hang on. Let’s go back to those boffins for a minute. The 10% statistic comes from research published by the American Psychological Association – and apparently, you can have too much of a good thing.

Overdo the colour and your viewer’s unconscious mind sees you as unimportant. When you want to be taken seriously, especially in business, that isn’t great.

So where’s the ideal point between too little colour (dull, boring, unmemorable) and too much colour (unimportant, trivial, unmemorable)? It’s time to unleash the power of neutrals.

Building on Neutrals

Summer Neutrals with Hyacinth Impact Colour

Summer Neutrals with Hyacinth Impact Colour

Your best dark neutrals form the powerful core of your business wardrobe, a solid foundation for unforgettable impact colour. To project a natural authority at work, these neutrals should be your expensive items – coats, suits, belts, a briefcase or shoes.

The first step is identifying your best neutrals. OK, black is the obvious one… if you’re a winter. If you’re not, say hello to emphasising dark circles and looking a bit tired. In other words, most of us don’t suit black. Here’s a quick reminder of the best neutrals for your seasonal palette:

Winter: White, Silver, Light grey, Grey, Charcoal, Black, Indigo, Navy, Mole and Stone.

Summer: Pink beige, Mushroom, Rose brown, Winter white, French navy, Dark blue grey, Light blue grey, Airforce blue and Burgundy.

Autumn: Dark brown, Tan, Oyster, Coffee, Camel, Beige, Khaki, Lizard grey, Dark olive, Bronze and Navy.

Spring: Chocolate, Beige, Dove grey, Light dove grey, Bright navy, Oxford blue, Tan, Honey, Oatmeal and Cream.


Spring Neutrals with Coral Impact Colour

From there, you can add those crucial splashes of colour. It could be make-up, a top, scarf, bag, jewellery or an accessory that provides a beautiful contrast to your neutral key pieces.

You probably remember the colour wheel from your analysis class. The inside ring shows the neutrals that go with all the other colours in your season. Your basic colours are in the second ring, while the third shows your highlight colours. Bear in mind that not all the highlight colours go with each other. (Remember your points of red?)

What about when you need to carry your greatest authority? Go for a plain dark neutral jacket worn with the white of your season plus a scarf, belt, bag or other accessory in one of your wonderful impact colours.

Building Confidence at Work…Need a Helping Hand?

Winter neutrals with electric blue impact colour

Winter neutrals with electric blue impact colour

You’ve already had a colour rating, but have you thought about coming back for a business rating? It’s all about how to wear impact colours with neutrals to create authority and confidence at work – and that’s in both formal and smart casual business settings.

It’s particularly useful if you’re a spring. You face the biggest challenge when it comes to building a business wardrobe. Your best colours are the most showy and splashy, and those dark neutrals may be pushing the boundaries of your palette.

Need to know your Wow Colours? Get in touch and Book your Colour Class today.

It’s OK to Break the Rules

It’s not an exact science, and some of you will need more colour than others to look your best. Gamines and Dramatics, for example, may choose to have more colour. No problem. Once you know your own style, you’ll know whether you want to break the rules!

Work those neutrals.. Enjoy!

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