In View wins yet another award

The magazine In View produced for and by The Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery has produced a hat trick by winning its third first prize as best Friends journal by the British Association of Friends of Museums, (BAFM), though this time it was a shared first prize.

james-alexander-of-jade-designIn View won its award in the top class for museums and galleries with over 500 Friends and it shared its award this time with the London Transport Museum, which came second in 2013, when In View won a first prize for the second time.

The first award, also a first prize, was given when Peter Belchamber was the editor and he left in 2013 when Lee Coppack took over from him. Her first issue as editor in 2013 won and now here she is getting a prize yet again. “I am delighted that In View has received recognition from the British Association for Friends of Museums for its high quality as a publication and for the exciting design by James Alexander of Jade Design,” says a happy Lee. Last time she was not able to collect the award personally but this time the award will be given at the Gallery and Kate Kuhn, the Regional Co–Ordinator of BAFM will hand it over.

Lee stresses again that the elegant design by James must again have charmed the judges, but she also praises her editorial team. The issue that won the award was Winter Issue of 2016 covering the Astrup Exhibiiton and with one of the Norwegian painter’s striking landscapes on the cover. James Alexander admits he is proud that his design now has taken home three awards. “It is wonderful that BAFM has chosen to recognise In View again. Keeping Members informed and entertained helps the Friends to thrive and to provide amazing support to the Gallery, without which it would be a poorer place in every sense. I am very proud to have been designing In View since it became a full-colour magazine in 2005.”


In View editor Lee Coppack

Since the award was announced the new In View team is now planning its second issue. The magazine has changed completely in order to avoid duplication with the Gallery’s own events publication What’s On and it has also aimed at linking the design of the two publications.

The first new style issue was published in the summer and contained more pages, 36 compared to 24, and the additional pages allow more space for articles by the Gallery’s curators and other art experts as well as from the editorial team covering the many events put on by Friends. The two Gallery publications are now designed by the same firm, Cultureshock Media, a company that specialises in producing art and gallery magazines.

Everyone involved is proud over the awards garnered by In View and equally proud of the new style magazine, Now it remains to be seen if the re-styled In View is also a winner, so far it has met with approval from most of the Gallery’s 8000 Friends; now let us hope that the British Association of Friends of Museums also approve.

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  1. Whilst it is good to read that In View has won another first prize – and to be mentioned as an earlier first-prize winner of the same award when I was its editor, may I draw attention to the very first first-prize winner.

    That was, of course, the founder editor of the A4 full-colour version of In View, Ingrid Beazley, who was also a pioneering chairman of the Friends of Dulwich Picture Gallery.

    As many of Ingrid’s wide range of friends and admirers may know, Ingrid is very ill and has been for some time.

    So I would like to pay particular tribute to her as the creator of In View as a 24-page full-colour magazine – and as the first prize-winning editor. Happily, this brings the total of first prizes from the British Association of Friends of Museums (BAFM) to four (rather than the three mentioned in your otherwise accurate article).

    I would also like to congratulate the present editor of In View, Lee Coppack, for winning a second first-prize (shared on this occasion), and to join her in paying tribute to James Alexander (of Jade Design), the designer of all four of the first-prize winning versions of the colour magazine under its three editors. In my view, it is very unlikely that any of the four first prizes would have been gained without his highly creative design and layout of In View over many years.

    Peter Belchamber


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