Lips or Eyes? Christmas Party Make-Up ideas

Anna regularly writes for Dulwich OnView and is Dulwich’s local House of Colour Personal Stylist and Image consultant. Here she gives a few sparking party make-up suggestions…

It’s that time of year when we can dress up, push the boat out and try something different with make-up.


Lips or Eyes?

This season, your lips and eyes aren’t competing for attention.

Decide which one you’re going to emphasise for your party look, then you can have some fun trying out some fresh ideas.

For eyes the trend is soft, sultry and smoky… slightly dishevelled even. Once you’re confident with the look, you don’t actually have to be too precise.

With lips, classic red isn’t going away – and deeper shades have become a key trend.

Combined with natural looking skin and eyes, that saturation of rich colour will create a real impact.

For added party sparkle Try a brush of bronzer along the collar bones. Do the same along the outside of your arms and you’re ready to go.

You can contact me for help with choosing your party make-up or to book a class in Dulwich. Or buy your loved one a gift voucher for Christmas.

Do you have any makeup tips? Feel free to comment below… 

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