Small Figure in a Dutch Landscape


Adriaen van de Velde, Panoramic summer landscape with a horseman anda post wagon, 1661, Oil on panel, 37.8 x 49 cm, Private Collection.

I have been here before or somewhere like this: 

A dark cart waiting behind me, a spire, 

Trees with trembling leaves 

And an enormous sky, tenderly pale 

Egg-shell blue, with drifts of white clouds. 

So little room in this world. My life plucked 

From safety, squeezed into a few centimetres 

Between heaven and earth, made to share with others 

Who fish, flirt, ride, stroll or merely stare 

Vacantly at the grey spread of the sea. 

Why could he not let me remain 

As I was in his sketches, 

Red-chalked, Individual, separate, 

Filling the whole of space 

just as I am? 

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