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little-deathsStuck for something to read this month? These are the books that I have read, loved and can recommend to you.

Little Deaths by Emma Flint 

Little Deaths is brilliant, everything a reader wants from a thriller. Set in New York in 1965, based on a true story, this is a hugely atmospheric thriller, a classic dark noire. In many ways, this is more than a mystery or thriller it’s also a story of lost aspirations, of dreams and what women’s lives were like in the US in the early 60’s.

good-me-bad-meGood Me, Bad Me by Ali Land 

A brilliantly sinister and unsettling thriller from the start that’s will have you thinking long after you put it down. It’s additive and compelling in a plot full of unlikeable characters yet you cannot stop reading it.

sirensSirens by Joseph Knox 

Sharp, tense and dramatic are words that sprang to mind when reading this highly assured debut novel from Joseph Knox. I loved the sharp writing, the relentless pace, the to and fro conversations, the occasional humour and the violence is old fashioned Chandler style. What is also great is that it is a step away from the current batch of psychology thriller. This is a good old fashioned crime story brilliantly written.

rattleRattle by Fiona Cummins 

Wow sums up this creepy thriller from Fiona Cummins. Opening with a chilling first chapter you are totally gripped from the start. Cummins has a brilliant style taking you to the heart of the families involved, their troubles, secrets before their lives are torn apart with child abduction’s. The words I’ll be using to recommend people read this book are “chilling, holds your breath, clever, creepy, gripping, a must read”.

However, if you don’t want to be kept awake at night having read the latest murder there are a couple of non-crime gems

keeper-of-lost-thingsThe Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan 

Beautiful written story of being lost, then found, of finding your place in the world and finding love. I loved reading this debut novel and urge you to read it.

goats-and-sheepThe Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon 

Hopping back between 1976 and 1967 this wonderful novel, set in the Midlands is a joy to read. This is a delightful novel about small town Britain. Great storytelling, well written and a book that you will hand onto a friend and say read this, it’s great.

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