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thumbnail_MIA-PECKHAM-LOW-RES--9Soul’D has been a stencil graffiti artist since 2000, based in Peckham.

Incorporating techniques such as typography, photography and screen printing, Soul’D creates beautiful, playful, and often profound artwork over a remarkably broad range of subjects. From political and environmental to spiritual and sometimes just downright cheeky, Soul’D’s pieces always carry with them a deeper message to question, search and reconnect – but most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously!

Where does your tag name Soul’D come from? 

The art that stirs a deep part of you – emerges from the meeting of heart and soul; that’s where my name comes from. It is there as a reminder of why I do this, so I stay focused, so that I don’t lose my way.

How did you get here: 

thumbnail_MIA-PECKHAM-LOW-RES--90I started using stencils back in 2000. I was influenced and inspired by the handful of stencil graffiti artists around at the time, and started to exhibit my art at festivals and street markets. During that time I had the pleasure of rubbing prints with urban street art legends such as Pure Evil, Eelus, Rugman, Bonbon, Dave the Chimp, Rourke Van Dal, The Krah, Fark FK, and Hutch. They have all shared the creative space with me.

Inspiration for the celebration of Peckham: 

If heart and soul are the vehicles for my art, Peckham is the fuel; at least for my current and most recent pieces. There is this underlying creative buzz in the air, on the high street. I think we all feel it, all of us that live here. I wanted to celebrate how proud I feel to coinhabit this concrete chrysalis for creativity with humans from such diverse backgrounds. The hairdressers, fruit stall owners, workers at the independent coffee shops and bars – I salute you! My newest art is gratitude on paper in honour of what you, and many others, bring to this vibrant place that we share.

These pieces, made for the Peckham festival, are the result of a new exploration into typography, photography and screen printing. They shout out, ‘WE ARE HERE!’ ‘WE ARE IN PECKHAM!’

thumbnail_MIA-PECKHAM-LOW-RES--109Do you have any favourite pieces? 

My favourite piece at the moment is my ‘Centre of the Universe. Peckham’ print. I love its brazen cheekiness. I started getting tshirts printed with this design. Soon people were asking if they could get one made for their area, so now I an customise on request to save you having to move to Peckham!

Please tell us a little about your creative process: 

I have no set formula, it can be different every time. An idea can be sparked from walking on the streets or at an event, or perhaps a piece of writing or a photo in a magazine will conjure an image in my mind which will find its way through my fingers into print. When the image comes, I sketch it and then craft the stencil.

I live to express my satirical views on life. From the extreme to the absurd and the everyday. While some of my pieces are created with the intention for them to be enjoyed for their beauty, others poke fun at the cosmic joke of life.

thumbnail_MIA-PECKHAM-LOW-RES--112What can we expect to see from you in the future? 

I am very excited about my upcoming series, ‘The Rainbow Warrior’. This is inspired by an ancient prophecy from the Americas which reads, ‘There will come a time when the Earth is sick and the animals and plants begin to die. Then the indigenous peoples will regain their spirit and gather people of all nations, colours and beliefs to join together to save what is sacred on the Earth.’

Right at the end of 2016, many tribes from North America gathered to protect their sacred waters at Standing rock in Dakota from an oil company drilling for a new pipeline. They came together in an unprecedented way; never before in history have these tribes stood together in the name of a single cause. Their passion, solidarity and sheer willingness to put themselves in jeopardy for what is most important to all peoples on the earth, mobilised tribes and communities worldwide to stand in support. This was the prophecy in action, and my new pieces communicate the magnitude of this brutally beautiful event.

How do we get to see more of your work? 

You can find what I’m up to at my website:

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