An Off-Day at Brixton Market

At 1.45pm on a Tuesday, Senzala Creperie is busy. Tables are filled with regulars and visitors to this Brixton Market gem.


Look up from your triangle pocket of melted cheese and roasted veggies, your crepe topped with Jamaican spice sauce, from your table against the back wall and you see down a small lane of shop windows underneath Brixton Village’s v-shaped yellow roof. Follow one of the grid’s lanes outside to Atlantic Avenue and you’ll find it is much quieter than inside the popular creperie.

DSC_0660Surrounding Brixton Tube Station is Brixton Market, open everyday of the year. It is known for its specialty markets which it hosts on Fridays and weekends. Come to the Friday Market for some street food and crafts. Or come on the first Saturday of the month for the Bakers’ and Flea Market. Or come every third Saturday of the month for the famous Vintage and Retro market. Each Sunday is Farmers’ Market day, as well. But on the days in between it still sees visitors. Depending on what you are looking for, coming on an off day is still a worthwhile afternoon activity.

DSC_0637On Electric Avenue and Pope’s Road there are stalls of fruit and household essentials from clothing to cleaning supplies to bedding. On a day like Tuesday, these roads are a traders market. This market is used by members of the local community looking for bargain prices for their everyday needs. You’ll find better deals here on socks, sweatpants, and dish soap than Sainsbury’s, for example. However, possibly more desireable are the produce and fish and meat butchers.

The produce stands intermingled with the household items offer bargain prices on avocados, vegetables, and fruit from cherries to apples. Avocados are about ⅕ of the price of the average supermarket. And take home a small bag of apples and oranges for 70 pence.

Permanent storefronts  line these streets, too. There are meat and fish sellers, and fruit shops that offer selections beyond your average supermarket like jicama and plantains.

Brixton Village’s and Market Row’s grids of roofed shops will attract visitors from outside the Brixton community. Trendy restaurants occupy the majority of the indoor part of Brixton Market, like Senzala creperie. DSC_0647These cool eateries are what attract the local and tourist population on a quiet Tuesday. Try Okan for osaka-style Japanese street food. Or Burnt Toast Cafe for a delicious, all-day classic breakfast menu with Instagram-worthy plates.

Besides the restaurants, there are art galleries and gift shops. The minimalist galleries set up by cutting edge local artists will no doubt attract your attention through their large windows. These are reason enough to visit Brixton Market. The gift shops are a nice find, too, ranging from authentic Jamaican products to a t-shirt shop with an obvious millenial flare.

Brixton Market definitely has its peaceful moments, such as a Tuesday afternoon. It’s the perfect time to catch up with a friend over lunch, or to strike up a conversation with your fruit vendor or a local artist.

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