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Firezza pizza asks you to “demand proper pizza.” And with a location newly open in Dulwich, you can demand it be delivered straight to your table. But what makes their pizza proper?

Each pizza is handmade with fresh ingredients and then placed into a fire oven. In just under three minutes, the different ingredients are fire-baked together into one toasty masterpiece.


Firezza’s crusts are thinner than the average takeaway pizza shop. This is because their style is Italian-inspired. It shows, too.

The menu offers flavours with either a tomato base or cream base. Currently, one of their featured flavors is the Patate––a cream based pizza with Taleggio and mozzarella cheeses, topped with fire-roasted sliced potato and red onion and finished with fresh rosemary and sea salt.

Sliced potatoes would probably not be your first thought for a proper pizza, but it works. The texture of the potatoes accompanied by the rosemary, salt and creamy base is all you didn’t know you wanted on a pizza.


“This is proper Italian pizza,” said Paul Davidson a few bites into the Patate. Davidson, 60, of Dulwich, said he would definitely come back.

The crusts of Firezza’s pizzas are just thin enough to allow for the richness of flavours in the cream-based pizzas, like the Patate or Porcini di Bosco––with wild mushrooms and truffle cream. Hand-stretched, the crusts also have the delightfully thick pillows of crust circled around the edge. The Porcini di Bosco is one of their best-sellers.

The cream-based pizzas are rich; you will slowly savor each bite. The tomato-based pizzas are still as tasty but not quite the concentration of power, enabling you to eat that “just one more slice.”


One tomato-based pizza, the Pollo Picante, has been the most popular so far at the Dulwich location. With cajun-spiced chicken and roasted red peppers among its toppings, it is spicy and filling. The tomato-based pizzas allow you to taste each individual topping more distinctly, such as the Capricciosa. This pizza has prosciutto, olives and pepperoni––which gives it a bit of a kick.

The menu also offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. There are a variety of sides and desserts to accompany your pizza, as well.

The pizzas come in two sizes, regular and large. To try two styles at once, order a Half/Half to have to flavours share the same crust.


Firezza opened in 2001 in Battersea and Chelsea, and now has 24 locations in London, Exeter, and Milton Keynes.

The Firezza in Dulwich on Lordship Lane has a small shop, so it is best for takeaway or delivery. The pizza will get to you hot and begging you to eat more than a few slices.

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