Good-for-you Treats at Elephant and Castle

In one of the repurposed shipping containers of Elephant and Castle’s The Artworks is the cutest healthy cafe you can find. Cupcakes and Shhht offers pastries, drinks, “freakshakes,” breakfast and even a vegan burger.


Everything is gluten free, and a good number of menu items are vegan––or can be made vegan––including their cupcakes.


Sophie Beale and Caitlyn Badham-Thornhill began Cupcakes and Shhht five years ago as a market stall. Since then they have moved into a fixed location in a shed in Camden Town, and then to a space in The Artworks. A few years ago, they decided to make everything on the menu gluten free. Sophie said that this decision made sense to them because “you can eat it if you are [gluten free], and if you’re not, you can.”


The raw peanut butter caramel bites are their best-selling item. It’s a dessert, but it’s healthy. Raw treats naturally contain no refined sugar, dairy, unnatural flavours or gluten. These are made with “tonnes of nuts, coconut, dates and cacao.”

The peanut butter caramel bite is offered in slice form too, among several other raw slice flavours.

If you are looking for an afternoon snack, try the mini cupcakes. The peanut butter one is rich, creamy, dense and just enough for its size. The decadent vegan frosting is topped with a bit chocolate, too. For something a bit more, and if you are not vegan, the brownies are a must.


The salted brownie has the consistency similar to a chocolate torte, probably due to its gluten free ingredients. Samantha Gross, 21, a student from the US, noticed how perfect it was; the outside is hard enough but the inside is gooey.

“That might be the best brownie I’ve had in a long time,” said Samantha, a few bites in.


The Artworks Elephant is a hip place to find art, businesses or eateries in the heart of Elephant and Castle. The structure will be up until January of next year. Three stories high, it’s a “creative work hub with over 30 start-up businesses in repurposed shipping containers.” Cupcakes and Shhht’s spot welcomes you inside with its eclectic and beachy living room interior.


Sophie says that they are definitely busiest on the weekends. For brunch you could order an Italian-inspired avocado toast or banana pancakes, among several other tempting options.

The space is a bit small, as are all of the locations in The Artworks, but ordering out through Deliveroo or Uber Eats is also possible. On a weekday afternoon, however, you’ll be able to hole up on their cozy couch with a book and their perfect brownie.
Find Cupcakes and Shhht at The Artworks at Elephant and Castle, or Camden, or also a pop-up cart in Old Street Station.

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