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Daniel enjoys creative writing, movies of all sorts, and listening to music (especially David Bowie). His vices are red wine, his love of all kinds of food, and his lack of will power. He is currently studying for a degree in Humanities and Media at Birkbeck, and working full time in any job that will pay the bills!

Blurred Lines: The Amazing World of M.C. Escher @ Dulwich Picture Gallery


Where is everyone? I am the last person to get off the 63 bus on my exodus from Welwyn Garden City (what I wishfully refer to as “North London”) to see the enticing Escher exhibit. […]

Scary Monsters and Super Creepy Stories


Haunted pubs in Peckham, spectral dancers in Dulwich, and a circus act gone horribly wrong in Camberwell. Lock the doors, turn out the lights, and be prepared to discover why people really should be afraid of South London.

A Little Song and Sacrifice: “Sing-Along-A-Wickerman!” at the Ritzy

(From Left to right: David Bramwell, Robin Hardy, and Eliza Skelton)

On Friday the 18th of June, the Ritzy was filled by the sights and sounds of people hollering, the flow of booze, and reverence and celebration.  But this wasn’t a crowd of football fans boisterously […]

Grief, Love and Longing– ‘The Title of the Drama About Ante is Written Here’


Daniel Pateman reviews the latest production at The Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell “Ljubica: Ante lives with his father. They have this strong bond. Neighbour: Happy together, sad together. They live together one day at […]

Back to the 50s at the Ritzy

The London Swing Cats

Sound like the whole of south London was bopping last weekend! While Dulwich Picture Gallery was celebrating disco with Mamma Mia!, the Ritzy cinema in Brixton went back to rock ‘n’ roll with its 1950s […]

Moon landings in Brixton

Duncan Jones and Phelim O'Neill discuss new movie Moon

Daniel Pateman gets moonstruck and starstruck at the Ritzy’s latest director Q&A. The draw for me when deciding to attend the Ritzy Q&A session of new movie Moon was twofold. Not only was I aware […]

The Ritzy – a Brixton survivor

The Ritzy Cinema, Brixton

The Ritzy cinema has stood on the corner of Coldharbour Lane in Brixton for nearly 100 years now. It has outlived competition, survived bombing, and prevailed through the increasing popularity of television. It narrowly avoided […]