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Oxfam comes to Dulwich


Oxfam has chosen Dulwich as a new community hub where it hopes to build a strong partnership with the residents and locals of Dulwich to increase funds for Oxfam’s work overseas through events. Dulwich is […]

The Dulwich Safari

An eco swimming pool, a model railway, a mammoth magnolia and a great deal of community spirit….all raises money for a local charity. Whereas for many it was the damned day on which Germany beat […]

Painting the Pub – 1630

Humphrey Ocean RA talks about one of his favourite paintings in Dulwich Picture Gallery Adriaen Brouwer 1605/6 1638 Flemish Interior of a Tavern (DPG108) 32.4×43.2cm oil on panel c.1630 Try to imagine, next time you […]

Ruskin’s Revolutionary Invention – Part 4 continued

Bruce Gregory continues his fascinating account of Ruskin and his ideas in Part 4 . Henry Bessemer, the Victorian engineer and inventor, with great enthusiasm, formed the Bessemer Saloon Ship Company and a full-scale ship […]

Find out more about Jonathan Cowell – Nash Competition Winner

Well thank you Ian Dejardin for choosing my picture for the online Paul Nash competition. I did my Art College training way back in the 1970s at the Byam Shaw School of Painting and began […]

Kevin’s Fitness Tips

Floor crunch

Abs workout Hello and welcome to July edition of Kevin’s fitness tips. This month we are going to give you a simple selection of Ab exercises to tone the tummy and build strength. The Floor […]

Ruskin’s Revolutionary Invention – part 3

Bessemer Saloon Model Still

As so often after meeting Phineas La Touche, my head was spinning. Was it really possible that Ruskin sketched an invention on a pub napkin to help solve Bessemer’s problem of sea-sickness? There are so […]

A Little Song and Sacrifice: “Sing-Along-A-Wickerman!” at the Ritzy

(From Left to right: David Bramwell, Robin Hardy, and Eliza Skelton)

On Friday the 18th of June, the Ritzy was filled by the sights and sounds of people hollering, the flow of booze, and reverence and celebration.  But this wasn’t a crowd of football fans boisterously […]

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Seen around Dulwich

‘Before I die I want to…’‘Before I die I want to…’

24 hrs after the launch of the board for @DyingMatters Awareness Week in East Dulwich, it looked like this!

Seen anything interesting around Dulwich? Send us your photo!

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