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Future Now

Facebook, i-phones, skype, CCTV, avatars, digital reading, USGs, 3D video, podcasts, augmented reality, micro blogs, google, cyberporn… Technology moves so fast that we have barely noticed that we are living the Future Now.

Iterations of early 21st century methods of living and communicating are the crude building blocks of a technological future that will become more and more virtual and less physical or visceral.
The internet has changed the way in which humans live,

The Hannah Barry Gallery – a Hidden Treasure

The stray cat playing with 'Nets'

After about an hour of wandering through the streets of Peckham, asking countless people for directions, I stumbled down an alley way through an auto shop parking lot, finally to find the  Hannah Barry Gallery. […]

Sunday evening treat at the Mag

Luca's Sunday evening food at the Mag kid

For me cooking at the Mag in East Dulwich on a Sunday night has been nothing short of a revelation. In the past I have had loads of aspirations to strike out on my own […]

The Dulwich Dreamboat

It was one of those nights a long time ago. A gang of young men sat in the back bar of the EDT, tired of playing pool and bored with recycling stories. When people start […]

Artists’ Open House – Art at a reasonable price!

Five years ago, I began collecting modern prints – it was a way of having something original yet something that I could afford. I had previously done a workshop on woodcuts and this wetted my […]

Jeremy Deller puts the Iraq War on display at the Imperial War Museum

The destroyed car on Display

When you first enter the Imperial War Museum, you are immediately surrounded by massive tanks, submarines, field guns, and other military hardware. However, sitting in the middle of those military vehicles, is a pile of […]

Modern Art at the British Museum

Picture 1677

When most people think of the British Museum, the first things that come to mind are the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies and ancient Roman sculptures. However, since the beginning of October the British museum has […]

From Bananarama pop to Zumba Fitness…


Meet Kathy Yvanovich; dancer, life coach and personal trainer. She was an assistant to Bruce Tonioli from Strictly Come Dancing; sipped tea with Boy George’s Gran and now runs her own Zumba class! Read on […]

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Seen around Dulwich

David Bowie on the Bovril wallDavid Bowie on the Bovril wall

Thanks to @brixtonpound and @BrixtonDT for organising such a wonderful memorial in Brixton.

Seen anything interesting around Dulwich? Send us your photo!

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