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Stik, Street Art, and Dulwich Hamlet Junior School

As part of the Dulwich Festival, the street artist Stik has been interpreting some of the paintings in Dulwich Picture Gallery’s permanent collection on the walls of Dulwich. There are many preconceptions and prejudices about […]

Cult Graffiti Artist Stik is painting Dulwich as part of the Festival

Street Art and Classical Art meet in Dulwich. Stik’s art is well known on the streets in East London, and now it will be seen in Dulwich. One of the capital’s most influential street artists […]

Street Art – ‘It’s Rubbish Init’

I caught the last day of Tate Modern’s ‘Street Art’ exhibition which was on the river façade of its own building and in the streets around. I talked to a few others gazing at the […]

South London Street Art

by Aquamanda Aquamanda is the stage name of Amanda Greatorex, a Dulwich-based DJ, singer and musician – this article is part of a series offering up an eclectic playlist of trends, bands, gigs, views and […]

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