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Dulwich Festival – Interview with John Hinton of Tangram Theatre Company

The Tangram Theatre Company is returning to the Dulwich Festival for the second year running to perform the third and final instalment of their comedy musical scientriology, ‘The Element in the Room: A Radioactive Musical […]

The Memory of Water

Family get-togethers can be a minefield and this one is no exception. Three estranged sisters return to the family home for their mother’s funeral. There’s Teresa the long-suffering one, Mary the clever arrogant one, and […]

Hollywood in SE15

There used to be eight cinemas in Peckham. Mainly built in the 30s, they were regal picture palaces. But the last traditional one, Odeon Peckham, was demolished in 1985 and now there’s only Peckhamplex or […]

Comedy, Drama, and Cement in ‘Machines for Living’ at Blue Elephant Theatre

Once again, the Blue Elephant Theatre successfully provided me with a theatrical performance that satisfied my love for the arts in a witty, humorous, and intelligent fashion in their latest production, ‘Machines for Living.’ This is the third […]

The Jack Studio Wants Your Plays For Write Now 3

The Jack Studio is constantly punching above its weight with a formidable programme of new writing and shows with a myriad of outreach opportunities for the local community to become involved in workshops and ambitious […]

Get set for the Sydenham Arts Festival

From Frankenstein to Reggae sauce, the first Sydenham Arts Festival celebrates a fine artistic heritage, with a panorama of events running from Friday July 3. Festival Director Jonathan Kaufman took a few minutes out of […]