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Thai cookery lesson with Deethechef from The Begging Bowl

I really like spicy food, coconut and rice, so it was a perfect match when I had a cookery lesson with Deethechef who runs Cooking Happy cookery classes and also cooks at The Begging Bowl […]

Yummy Fish and Chips at Simon The Tanner

Finally landed in London (woohoo!) and our first dinner was at a pub called Simon The Tanner which Mr D found online prior to our trip. It has a casual ambiance and all sorts of […]

Cooking in a Bangladeshi village

Originally from Bangladesh, my mother arrived in the UK 30 years ago. It was a new beginning, new place with new people. Adapting to her new environment was a long and scary process, but she managed […]

Learn about Underwater Ecosystems at the "Rainforest of the Sea" Exhibit

“Fish are friends. Not food.” Bruce the shark in the Disney Pixar classic “Finding Nemo” was trying to curb his desires for small underwater creatures, but we would do well to remember that fish are […]