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Klee Wyck


By 1927, Emily Carr had given up her boarding house and was making a living breeding bobtails (sheepdogs) and making and selling pottery knick-knacks decorated with ‘Indian’ designs to tourists keen to acquire a piece […]

A Woman of All Sorts


Emily Carr’s time in England appeared to have been a failure. The artist who returned to Victoria in 1904 was a changed woman whose increasing idiosyncrasies, which now included habits as unladylike as smoking and […]

A Victorian Childhood


The story of Emily Carr is, outside Canada at least, one of the great unrecounted tales in 20th-century painting, a chronicle of struggle, adversity and ultimate triumph over the most inauspicious circumstances for making art […]

Coast to Coast with Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven: The Rockies to Vancouver

Mount Lefroy seen from the Highline Trail above Lake Louise, Alberta

Julian Beecroft’s trans-Canada blog The Rockies to Vancouver Harris’s mountains In 1924, the same year J.E.H. MacDonald first visited Lake O’Hara, Lawren Harris discovered the Rockies for himself. On this first occasion he travelled with […]

Coast to Coast with Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven: Winnipeg to the Rockies

(Left) J.E.H. MacDonald, Waterfall near Lake O’Hara, 1929. Oil on composite woodboard, 21.5 x  26.7 cm. © Art Gallery of Ontario. (Right) Victoria Falls, above Lake O’Hara

Julian Beecroft’s trans-Canada blog Winnipeg to the Rockies Every modern country has its defining photograph, the one image which, more than any other, encapsulates its people’s sense of who they are and what they stand […]

Coast to Coast with Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven – Northern Ontario (west)

Lake Superior with distant Pic Island

Julian Beecroft’s trans-Canada blog Northern Ontario (west) The North Shore of Lake Superior By September 1921, after several journeys to Algoma over four successive years, Lawren Harris was beginning to tire of its opulence. So, […]

Coast to Coast with Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven: Northern Ontario (east)

Franklin Carmichael at Grace Lake, 1934. Photo by Joachim Gauthier, courtesy of Kerry & Jon Butler

Julian Beecroft’s trans-Canada blog A Northern Silver Mine One artist is missing from the famous 1920 photo of the Group of Seven (see blog post dated 02.09.11) taken at Toronto’s Arts and Letters Club. I […]

Coast to Coast with Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven: Algonquin Park

The view at Grand Lake, Algonquin Park depicted in Thomson’s  The Jack Pine. The location was discovered in 1970. The original  tree had died and was subsequently chopped up for firewood.  This white pine now stands in more or less the same spot.

Julian Beecroft’s trans-Canada blog  Algonquin Park ‘Thomson knew the north country as none of us did, and he made us partners in his devotion to it.’ So writes Lawren Harris in his book The Story […]

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