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Two Paintings dated 1916

Here are still lives which move, bold brush strokes creating colours which speak out and swirl beyond stasis, a determined resonance defying established conventions and the catastrophe continuing not far away across the channel. The […]

Within the Frame

Foreground – back of a brown jacket, painted so seductively you feel the cloth, the weave, the warmth, the bulk of it and the body comfortably alive inside. Deeper in the picture another frame – […]

Still Life

At fifty you painted your mother at eighteen, two years older than you were when she died, dressed in velvet scarlet like a young queen. You made her prettier than in real life, something about […]

Virginia by Vanessa

Opinions on my sitter are many, it’s assumed she’s hidden in thoughtful muse, conceiving her next profound masterpiece, handkerchief fingered in captivation. Many think she could be nursing sorrow, eyes downcast, clasping hankie for comfort. […]

Is There Another Room?

I keep on returning to the dream where I wake, brush sleep from eyelids which have seen Too much. You’re upright, straight backed to the door, The frame of you, at in- between, watching the […]

Vanessa Bell at the Dulwich Picture Gallery

Vanessa Bell was a visionary, a modern woman always on the brink of something new.  An exhibit on her life and work opened at the Dulwich Picture Gallery on 8 February and will be running […]