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A special event – A Dulwich Adventure

Some of you may remember an article I wrote for Dulwich OnView to announce a Kickstarter campaign for a short animation about Elizabeth Linley. I am delighted to say, that just over a year on, […]

Where is the dill in Dulwich?

Dulwich is unique in south east London, it is an area steeped in history. The name Dulwich (Dilwihs), meaning ‘Marshy Meadow Where Dill Grows’ was first recorded in 967 AD. So Dulwich was the place where the […]

London before the houses

I love old maps! How interesting is this one published by @londonerwalking. It shows a  map of London before the houses. Pretty much the whole of London (minus central London) is surrounded by woods and farmland!

The lost Palace of Placentia

The Palace of Placentia is one of London’s lost palaces, of particular importance under the Tudor monarchs. It was built by Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, on the banks of the River Thames in Greenwich in the […]

The Subject Index: Peckham’s Growing History

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Peckham lies Peckham Platform, a gallery whose current exhibition, The Subject Index, aims to provide the public with a history of the South London town. The exhibit is a collaboration […]

The Old Biscuit Factory

Built in 1866, Peek Frean biscuit factory gave Bermondsey the nickname ‘Biscuit Town’. Home of the first chocolate biscuit, Marie, in 1875 along with the Garibaldi (1861), Bourbon (1910), and Shortcake (1912). James Peek and George […]

Recycled War Stretchers

Possibly the most obvious reminders of the bombing are the post-war housing estates which were built on the extensive bomb sites, and in particular the many fences around them which were made from redundant stretchers. […]

VIDEO: London Past & Present: Schools

Thanks to Peckham Vision for bringing our attention to this interesting film from 1970 at Peckham Park school about life in late Victorian times (19 min). The film features children from Peckham Park School preparing […]

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