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Artusi, Peckham


Well aren’t we a lucky bunch of South Easters? Artusi is Peckham’s latest opening; it was raved about by Jay Rayner as well as Time Out, which might so some way into explaining why their phone line was constantly engaged […]

Brick Brewery in Peckham


The Brick Brewery under the arches at Peckham station does great beer (according to locals), not cheap but they do Saturday Open House and you can chug samples of their output – locals recommend Peckham […]

Street Feast at Lewisham Model Market


The Model Market, is an abandoned 1950s indoor and outdoor market just off Lewisham High Street. It was closed a few years ago and had been targeted for demolition by its owners, but the Council refused […]

The Caffeine Chronicles: Cafe Viva Review


I had hoped to spend the sunny Easter Saturday in Brighton, but my plans were foiled by the ever useless BT Openreach failing to turn up promptly to fix my internets — or, indeed, at […]

A Taste of Brixton Market


Experience the vibrant surroundings of Brixton market here… For more information on Brixton Market, please visit

The Belair House Returns to a Traditional Style with a Local Focus

After changing hands and  getting revamped, the Belair House, formerly the Beauberry House, is rejoining the community with hopes to be the major focal point of West Dulwich again. There have been many changes to […]

Artwork for the Home at Romeo Jones

Misty Trees by Caroline Underwood

Romeo Jones has an atmosphere that immediately puts people at ease. From the delectable pastries covering every surface to the fresh fruits ready to be sliced, it is a place that feels like a home. […]

The shocking truth about the bananas we love to eat…


Although it may seem good for us to pay less for our bananas than for locally grown apples, do we want to put small-scale farmers out of business and encourage the growth of large, chemical-intensive […]

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