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“The Butterfly Lovers” Brings Laughter and Smiles to the Blue Elephant Theater

Willie Liam as the Emperor

My favorite thing about seeing a children’s plays is the joy that even the smallest moments can bring to the younger audience. The Butterfly Lovers told the tale of friendship in its adaptation of the […]

Glyndebourne Opera Company celebrates 80 years


Say the word Glyndebourne and images of opera at its best, champagne corks flying and elegantly dressed people enjoying picnics come to mind. For some it stands for elitism, expensive ticket prices and people attending […]

Bound Feet Blues – A Life told in Shoes

Bound Feet Blues poster

Dulwich based author and story performer Yang-May Ooi discusses her new story performance Bound Feet Blues Yang-May Ooi is fresh back from a run around Dulwich Park. In her running shoes and outdoor gear she […]

The Destroying Power of Ambition in Richard III at Blue Elephant Theatre

Prince Plockey as Richard © The Blue Elephant Theatre

Shakespeare plays can be tough to get through if not done well, but the showing of ”Richard III“ at the Blue Elephant Theatre drew me into the story immediately. Twelve actors and actresses of the Lazarus Theatre […]

Arabian Nights at BET


In a hysterical and physical interpretation, Hammer and Tongs Theatre’s production of Arabian Nights at the Blue Elephant Theatre brings a night full of laughs and fantastical stories. When a lover scorned just happens to have […]

Retrospective at BET

Nutshell Dance, Retrospective publicity shot.

One stage, five dancers, countless topics. The Blue Elephant Theatre‘s current production of Retrospective by Nutshell Dance tackles some of life’s biggest questions on transitioning from childhood to adulthood. As I sat down waiting for the […]

Crazy Glue at BET

Crazy Glue for website

A bitter-sweet love story with a side of comic relief. The Blue Elephant Theatre‘s production of Crazy Glue put on by Single Shoe Productions tells the story of a marriage- without any words. A stage […]

A Doll’s House

A Doll's House at young vic

I was very excited to see this Ibsen masterpiece after months of studying it at university and this Young Vic production didn’t disappoint. Ibsen’s scrutiny of gender roles in marriage and financial responsibility feels as radical […]

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