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Save Southwark Woods


Save the beautiful wild woods of Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries for people, for nature and for the future! Southwark Council is planning to destroy the woods of Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries, including felling […]

Christmas Tree Recycling in Southwark

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If you have a food and garden waste collection, real Christmas trees can be collected as part of your normal household collection service. Simply remove any decorations and its pot or stand and place your […]

Exciting Projects at Volunteer Action for Peace


For a busy week starting on 13 December a small group of volunteers from seven countries will cook, eat and sleep at the South London Scout Centre in Grange Lane. The rest of the time […]

Rye Lane Orchard


One or two of you will hopefully have seen the first installation in place outside Peckham Plex Cinema, Rye Lane Orchard! It’s not finished yet, but it should be done soon, visitors to Peckham Plex on […]

The (re)making of a green chair


What do you give a non-materialistic green politician as a present? When Jenny Jones, London Assembly Member and former Southwark councillor, was appointed to the House of Lords in September 2013, a group of her […]

Connecting Place to Place at the Brunel Museum

Brunel Museum

Nestled among the houses of the residential area just north of Canada Water Station is the Sir Marc Brunel Engine House, home to the Brunel Museum. Captured in this redbrick building is the history of […]

The shocking truth about the bananas we love to eat…


Although it may seem good for us to pay less for our bananas than for locally grown apples, do we want to put small-scale farmers out of business and encourage the growth of large, chemical-intensive […]

Will you spread the word about #Southwark #MeatFreeMonday…


The London Vegan Societies started here – in Dulwich, Southwark in October 2010! We are trialling #Southwark #MeatFreeMondays – get involved and help make Southwark greener. Why should you try a meat free day? Better for the Environment Better for […]

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