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Get your haircut in front of art…


DKUK Salon is not your average hair salon. Located in Peckham, this unique salon is also an alternative art space. At DKUK clients get their hair cut in front of art in the informal surroundings of the salon. […]

The Power of Neutrals‏


The Power of using an Impact Colour with your Neutrals and Special Offer on Style Classes. Greetings!, If you haven’t had your style class yet, then book one now. From now until the end of […]

Calling young designers – Take the Brixton Pound Fashion Challenge


The Brixton Pound – the local currency which features the likes of David Bowie and has attracted guest designs from Turner Prize winner Jeremy Deller – is inviting young designers to develop fashion items based […]

Fashion Tips for the Postpartum Mum

Off the Shoulder Detail

Despite what we have seen in the media recently with celebrity mums bouncing back to their pre-baby weight within weeks, new mums are well aware that the birth of their baby doesn’t mean a return […]

Holiday Wardrobe Essentials


I used to be the sort of person who could fill a large suitcase with just toiletries when going on holiday. Nowadays I fit my travel size containers into a very small soap bag and […]

How to Dress your Baby Bump and look Fabulous during your Pregnancy


Pregnancy can affect the body in many different ways. This includes the way your pregnancy weight is distributed all over your body and the position of your baby bump. In this second part of the […]

Travel Light and Look Amazing‏


Greetings!, We’ve all done it – started our capsule holiday packing with great intentions… then chucked everything in at the last minute. You know, just in case. It’s tricky, isn’t it. You need to bring the […]

Fashion Tips for Expectant Mothers in the Early Stages of Pregnancy


Being a mother is one of the greatest gifts any woman can have. However, the joy of pregnancy can also come with frustration for many expectant mothers who struggle to dress their growing bump as […]

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