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Words, music, glee and delight


…summarises what was on offer on 13 June at the East Dulwich Library from Ian McMillan, the ebullient poet presenter of The Verb on BBC Radio 3, and musician-composer Luke Carver Goss. Together the pair […]

Dulwich Doyenne behind a gripping tale of espionage


Looking at Jane Reid it is hard to believe that this gentle looking lady has been spending the last couple of years translating, researching and editing a book of espionage and betrayal. It all started […]

Astrup Paintings

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.59.56

When work is finished, time to admire the picturesque. Flawless harmony. Haiku by June Webster Sciortino

Broad canvas

Nikolai Astrup, A Clear Night in June, 1905-1907, Oil on canvas, 148 x 152 cm, The Savings Bank Foundation DNB/The Astrup Collection/KODE Art Museums of Bergen. Photo © Dag Fosse/KODE

In late Victorian times a painting called The Light of the World was taken around the Empire to be viewed like an Anglican icon. Thousands queued and many wept over a romantic-religious work by Holman Hunt […]

After Astrup

May Moon, undated, colour woodcut, 191 x 253 mm.

As if a woodcut could be made of every life and slowly filled with different emphases, shades, could we in middle age still alter the way the picture seems, like a painter adding touches, so […]

Mural with Matching Sky


On the corner by the pub car park is a new mural after van Dyck’s Venetia, Lady Digby, on her Deathbed. Let me count the ways this work inspired by a portrait of a dead woman […]

Why Astrup?


Blenched and stark, occluded in almost perpetual dark in winter and wintered in autumn, (see allotment cabbages already burned by early snow!), this aweful landscape of jagged and rounded rocks was all the idyll Astrup […]

Planting in May

May Moon, undated, colour woodcut, 191 x 253 mm.

Full moon in the far far north, the hill a huge dusky animal, crouching. On the lower slopes a woman – also crouched, furtive in the half-dark. A sense of secrecy – anticipation… She’s planting […]

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