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A pastoral painter

Winifred Knights, The Deluge, 1920, Oil on canvas, 152.29 x 183.5 cm, Tate: Purchased with assistance from the Friends of the Tate Gallery 1989. © Tate, London 2016. © The Estate of Winifred Knights

Looking at some early 20th century paintings I struggle to recover the working words of the countryside, the seasonal vocabulary of crops – well-known then. What are those pretty piles that dot fields so decorously […]

On Seeing`The Edge of the Abruzzi’ To Winifred Knights

Winifred Knights, Edge of Abruzzi; boat with three people on a lake, 1924-30, Oil on canvas, 68.5 x 68.5 cm, Private Collection. © The Estate of Winifred Knights

Dreamed last night I was on this lake About to drown in the simplicity, The exactness of it, The eerie calm, The water did not move Neither mountain. Nor hill. It was the edge of […]

The Santissima Trinita

Winifred Knights-7

How far have I travelled through these sultry fields where flowers wilt the lake too merciful to reveal my indiscretions no reflection wavers in its mirror it shows no stain upon my dress no countenance […]

Mill-hands Conversing, 1919


Outside the mill the women gather to agitate for equal pay. A red jacket indicates their leader, who could be a Labour activist today. This was a year of nationwide strikes, that spread like influenza. […]



Ater all the boxed saints, and the angels arriving suspiciously like Mafia, to menace them out of bed. And after the horse’s backsides (nicely drawn), and the resigned ex virgins, proffering holy children- while sundry […]

The Marriage at Cana: a Painting by Winifred Knights

Winifred Knights

Will they dance when the trestles are cleared; and will Jesus join in? It’s a contemplative wedding so far. Cool colours recall the Quattrocentro; a tableau of barefoot guests sit silently at rectangular tables in […]

Christopher Bowden – The Purple Shadow

Bowden Purple Shadow v3

Local author, Christopher Bowden, has recently published his sixth novel, The Purple Shadow. He tells Dulwich OnView about his inspiration for the book and the writing process. After the completion of the fourth book, The Green […]


Winifred Knights, Portrait of Anna Matilda Fryer, 1920, Oil on canvas, 50.8 x 40.7 cm, © UCL Art Museum, 5089, University College London. © The Estate of Winifred Knights

Respectfully, I work my way around the gallery, walls lined with pictures, mostly female figures well observed, skilfully drawn and very English. Suddenly… a sense that I myself, am watched.. Turning, I see a woman […]

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