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Bring your own books at the Brockley phone box mini library


A disused telephone box in Brockley has re-opened its door as a community book exchange. Volunteers from the neighbourhood have taken the steps towards looking after the old BT phone box adopted for the community. […]

So who are the new kids on the book shelves for 2014?


Who has just arrived on the scene and when you hear their name for the first time and read them, you then wonder where have they been all your life? Who is the next Hilary […]

Joanna Trollope’s plea – support your independent bookshop

copy DSCN0834

Joanna Trollope has written 19 novels and a shelf-full of historic romances under the name of Caroline Harvey and during her many years as a successful author she has seen enormous changes in publishing and […]

Growing Art Community in Camberwell and Peckham

The Book Bed in Peckham Platform.

The historic Camberwell art district has three distinct buildings with the goal of sharing and promoting the arts in the community in mind. Ten minutes from the Victoria Station, GX Gallery visitors can find a […]

Which authors should you watch out for in 2014…


When I look back at my predictions for 2013 it shows that I should not take up gambling. Though I can’t help reminding everyone that in February 2013 issue I did recommend reading The Shock […]

A tale of two tunnels


‘I take it you know about the skeletons.’ That chance remark, uttered by my girlfriend while we were out on a local stroll in 2008, ended up defining the next five years of my life. […]

Making resolutions to get fitter and shaper in 2014? How about starting with your brain?


Happy New Year and I hope you have survived the first few weeks of 2014 with the resolutions banished unless of course they involve reading more books. Many people choose January as a month to restart, or even start exercising, particularly if there […]

Looking to a bright future

Having fun at Dulwich Books (Sheila in the middle)

As we come to the end of another exciting twelve months in bookselling there is certain optimism, albeit small, within independent bookshops about the future. This may be naive, I can hear some people say, […]

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