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Why Astrup?


Blenched and stark, occluded in almost perpetual dark in winter and wintered in autumn, (see allotment cabbages already burned by early snow!), this aweful landscape of jagged and rounded rocks was all the idyll Astrup […]

Harmoniemusik – acclaimed ensemble known for its versatility and entertaining concerts


Paul Guinery has a voice like spiced honey and according to a radio critic he is the voice of BBC Radio 3. Someone at the upper echelons of the radio station must have heard that […]

Planting in May

May Moon, undated, colour woodcut, 191 x 253 mm.

Full moon in the far far north, the hill a huge dusky animal, crouching. On the lower slopes a woman – also crouched, furtive in the half-dark. A sense of secrecy – anticipation… She’s planting […]

Full Moon Planting

May Moon, undated, colour woodcut, 191 x 253 mm.

Clapboard houses, filled with dark eyes, watch the full moon rise, as the sun sets, and barren fields cry out for Spring’s relief. Bound by their small home place the women looked from windows, saw […]

Painting Norway


Marigolds torch a pathway through fields uncertain whether spring has come early or late. Huts below the mountains smoulder beneath the ice, the clouds scorched with flame. Brooding couples dance slowly through the shadow of […]

Dulwich Picture Gallery to Unveil Ruben’s Ghost

Photo courtesy of the Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery will host its second display in the Making Discoveries: Dutch and Flemish Masterpieces series in late April. Ruben’s Ghost, will be a revealing look into the painter’s methods and process. From 26 […]

By The Open Door

open door

The wide front door flung open; mornings of nearly midsummer at the Parsonage. Carpentries of step and fence lead to the road, two sisters talk  inside amid smell of wood. How cool in the showery […]

Dulwich Opens its Walls to Little Known Norwegian Painter Nikolai Astrup

Photo courtesy of the Dulwich Picture Gallery

Folklore and serene scenes of the Norwegian Jølster create a milieu of mysticism and tranquility at the Dulwich Picture Gallery. To enter a gallery filled with Nikolai Astrup paintings and prints is to enter another […]

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